Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pimp My Phone + Farewell Yogi Coffee

I've gone and done another Asian thing. I've pimped up my other < insert name of gadget here >.

In trying to make the Nokia a tad bit more palatable, I went to Paddy's Markets (in the heart of Chinatown, of course) and er... blinged out the Nokia. I figured I've got too much pink tech already. Pink camera, Pink Mac, Pink iPod mini... so if I got more pink bling on the mobile phone, I would be in danger of being mistaken for Paris Hilton. EEEK!

Besides, all the pink bling they had for the E71 either had hearts on them, or lips/ kisses, or Hello Kitty... and er... I don't want to be THAT crazy lady whipping out that tasteless pink thing. (haha, yes I'm being ironic. I love my kitsch. Shut up!)

Here it is. Stars are a little less Paris Hilton. I think. (AT LEAST IT'S NOT A HEART!!!!)

I'm not sure if I like it. And I'm not sure if I like it because it's just a tad bit too loud (but can anything ever be too loud?) ...or I'm not sure if I like it coz it's not pink. HAHAHA. (I'm trying to break out of my pink mould here. Change is hard!) :p

The extra bulk on the phone makes it easier to type on though... I've been finding it way too skinny so there's nothing to grip onto when sms'ing/ emailing on the phone and it always feels like it's gonna slip out of my hands.

After this purchase, I realized "Hang on. I'm going home in a few days. Singapore is the land of tech. I would be able to find a gazilion MORE BLING OPTIONS. And for cheaper too." DOH! Oh well, at least if I finally decide that I DON'T like this bling cover, maybe I'll find an alternative back home. Heh. (See why I NEED to purge & destroy?)

After practice today, I had coffee with some of my yogi friends. It was a "farewell coffee" thing. I think it was probably the first time the 5 of us had sat down for a proper chat over a drink after practice.

It reminded me of what Willem Dafoe said in the "Ashtanga, NY" documentary... something along the lines of... you practice side-by-side with these people every single day... you know their names, sometimes you don't... sometimes you haven't even heard their voice coz you don't talk to each other. All you do is just show up and practice on the mat next to each other... but you know them "well". They become so much a part of your life and seared in your mind as a part of your practice because of the shared energy in the room... but often you haven't even spoken to each other! And then he said with a glint in his eye "'s pretty wild, if you think about it."


I am inspired by these beautiful ladies' practices... and have 2 more days left of practicing amongst my gorgeous yogi friends.


  1. whoa. That phone. I'm intrigued by the process... did YOU glue the "diamonds" on or was it done for you? Is it a cover? I don't know about these things, obviously.

    I'm a pink junkie too.

  2. Admit it Jaime, did you play the DVD back and keep stopping it to write down exactly what he said? ;) I like it though, & totally agree! My new yogini-bff who I just met in Goa used to practice at the same place I did and we have no idea if we were ever there together!

    Also I need the answer to Liz's question - I never saw anything like it!!

  3. Liz - it's a hard plastic cover that snaps onto the back of the phone, and someone else had already gone and blinged it out. So there were lots of other crazy options (some had "pearls" on them too). Y'know those rubber slip-on cases? Yeah, they also have diamante versions of them. You should see the vast number of options they've got for the iPhone. I half-considered switching to an iPhone only because of all the RAD bling covers they've got for them. HAHA.

    When blinging your stuff was all the rage a few years ago (yes, I'm coming into this Asian fad super late)... there used to be little stands in shopping malls (y'know, like those little carts) where you could choose your bling pattern, and the girls would actually stick them onto your gadget. No covers, just stuck right onto your tech-toy. Like the ones here:

    And Mel - NO! I only watched it once. I rewound it once coz I wanted to double-check if the girl who fell out of pincha (or was it karanda) was Gwyneth Paltrow or not (it wasn't. Only coz I didn't recognize her at all in dwipada and did a double-take then). So... I only rewound it to go celeb-spotting, nothing deeper than that. :) I think Dafoe is just a good orator that I remember what he said, plus also what he said at that point really clicked with me. I can't remember what anyone else said. Except maybe some of what Sharath said. HAHA!


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