Monday, June 14, 2010

Coming To Terms With Laghuvajrasana

Sorry, another post on my "favourite" pose. Bear with me, I'm trying to work things out with her so I need to talk about it! (Yes, I have personified Laghu and made it a "Her" coz she's a BITCH.) HAHAHA!

OK, so here's something new from yesterday's practice: I wasn't angry with Laghuvajrasana.


I'm also sure it's only for that ONE day, yesterday. HAHA.

I'd been reading Osho's book on "Courage" all morning and I guess I was living that day in my head, thinking about the things he wrote about. So I think that also helped to get my practice in the afternoon to an extremely quiet place.

Don't get me wrong. I was dead beat by the time I got to Ustrasana. And even more so by the time I got to Laghu... but I didn't have that mental tantrum playing up in my thoughts like I usually do. I just went about it methodically remembering what Teacher H had said... "Knees slightly closer together, feet slightly further apart. Hands grab ankles, bent elbows and firm arms. Push shins and tops of feet into the ground. It's OK if your knees lift off the ground."

That's what I distilled of everything he has said in the past week in London. Well, for where I'm at with the pose - it works for me now anyway. It may not be the right thing to do for anyone else coz... well, you know how I'm a baby with this pose, right?

So as I was going down and thinking "Legs! Legs! Legs!" (y'know, just to remind myself NOT to backbend into it)... it felt like the pose made a little bit more sense to my body. For once, I wasn't thinking "What the fuck am I supposed to be doing with what now?!"

I just got on with it. (Who knows if it was "right" or not? HAHAHA!)

At one point, it felt like my knees were starting to lift off the ground and I started panicking, but then remembered H said that for now, it's OK if they lift off. So I let that fear go and got on with it. My head's still nowhere near the floor, but that's OK.

AND THEN!!! ...Massive, sharp cramps in my calves! Both sides! This always seems to happen at some point in Laghuvajrasana.

So I stopped, pressed an acupressure point beneath both second toes (another trick I picked up from Teacher H), and did Laghu again another 2 times. I suppose a good indication of physical progress with the pose will be the day that comes when I don't get cramps in my calves. Hehe.

Laghuvajrasana and I are not friends yet. No, not yet. But I'm hoping I'm coming to understand her a little bit better.

After practice, I went for another floating session. Ahhhhhh... complete post-yoga bliss. I think I almost fell asleep coz I was both so tired and relaxed.

Ooh look! Iyengar-style Chair-Laghuvajrasana. (But dude, you're not using your legs enough this way).


  1. Great news, having a teachers words to guide you is reassuring I think. Even if you can't actually do something it seems worth the effort if your moving towards it x

  2. I was so inspired by your float adventure that I look online to see if there were any float places in Arizona. Believe it or not, there is a new one about 3 miles from me! I went on Saturday for my first float and have one booked for next week. I loved it!

  3. Hey Helen - Yup, having a good teacher really makes all the difference! I'm reminded by what Sharath said at the conference he gave during his Sydney workshop - how you can only learn so much from books/ videos, but a teacher is necessary. Aigghhhhhhhht!

    Hey Karen - YAY! Well done! We can start a yogis & floatees club now. Hahaha! It's really quite a nice experience floating right after a practice - I found it brought me into a deeper state of relaxation. Maybe next float I'll do it the other way around (float first then practice). Hehe. #floatdorks unite!

  4. Float first, then practice. That made me bust out laughing!

    I try not to write stuff like this because it'll probably offend someone, but... that photo is ridiculous. Sorry, that is NOT Laghuvadrasana. He's just hanging out. The pose is little THUNDERBOLT, not mild rumbling off in the distance on a warm summer night.

    Can you tell I have strong feelings about the pose myself? Even though I don't struggle with it now, I have a touch of PTSD.

    It's amazing that you go for it all on your own when no one is there to see if you try or not. Very impressive and very courageous.

  5. Jaime, obviously we love the Laghu posts, do keep it up ;-)

    Second, YES, Liz, that so AIN'T Laghuvajrasana.

  6. We all have poses that we can't stand! Hehe. Which usually means we just have to work harder :)

  7. Hmm, glad you're feeling better about it, be careful with that knees lifting thing though, I hurt my knee that way once. Can't you drop back onto a small stack of books and remove one every week? That's how I did it (with blocks).

  8. BAHAHAHAHA LIZ! You crack me up. Yes, he's doing "mild rumbling off in the distance on a warm summer night"-asana. Thanks for your encouragement. What I've realized over the past few months is: I've been making excuses not to practice 2nd series "Oh, I'm travelling too much". A lot of times, that's bollocks coz I've been back in Amsterdam a bit too and just couldn't face up to practicing 2nd. And look where that's got me with Laghu: NOWHERE!! I'm only cheating myself really, innit? The only way to get through it is just to keep on practicing. *BLECHHHH*
    PS. I love how you still have PTSD from it. HAHAHA!

    Patrick: Thanks... I'll write about it only when I've got something interesting to say about it. I'm amused by my reaction as much as I'm angry towards the pose. :p

    Svasti: Yeah. BLERGGGHHHHHHHH!

    Susan: Good idea about the books - I might just try that next! About the knees... I've got a torn ACL in my right knee, so I can't push it too far anyway. But yeah, I'm always cautious when it comes to stuff with the knees. x


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