Wednesday, January 27, 2010

B'bye Work! B'bye Gadget! B'bye Internet! ...Hello Newbies!

Today is my last day at work in Sydney.


I will, however, be extremely reluctant to return the company-issued Blackberry. I have become attached at the hip with it (I even tried to change TV channels with it the other day, thinking it was also the remote).

I am NOT looking forward to downgrading to a Nokia dumbphone (inherited from Kelly who has now moved onto an iPhone). Sure, it's one of the "smarter" phones in their "business" range but er... I've had to download so many apps to get stuff to sync which is usually standard-issue right off a Blackberry. (oh, and hello did I mention UNLIMITED DATA PLAN? ...Not possible while on a prepaid SIM during my travels.)


I am also internetless at home from today. DOUBLE POOEY!

To prevent internetlessness, which I promise you I will definitely suffer from... Now I'm gonna have to go to McDonald's, buy a drink and sit there all day to surf their free wireless. I'M GOING GHETTO, Y'ALL. So if I don't post as frequently until next week when I'm back home in Singapore, you'll know why.

While I've been on a tech roll and talking all things geek... I'm making the switch from PC to Mac. Yes, oh the horror! I was a PC. Was just used to the way they operate since it's standard-issue in most agencies I've worked at. Now that I've made the switch, and can say: "I'm a Mac!" I'm wondering... WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER?

I have been suckered into the Mac marketing hype, but believe everything everyone says about them: MAC ROCKS. (I am still not ready to switch to an iPhone, however. I need a proper keypad. Still with Team Blackberry on this one.)

My PC was upset with me coz it's gone and been infected with FIFTEEN viruses (even though I have a hardcore antivirus program running). All I can say is: SEE YA, SUCKER!!!

I have gone and done a really Asian thing: I pimped out my < insert name of gadget here >.

The Mac is now hot pink. You can even see the Apple glowing through the see-through hardshell case. (So what if my laptop's much heavier now? It's TRICKED OUT!)

While I've been geeking out in this corner of the world, Kelly's gone back to Cape Town to hang out with his dad (he starts another round of chemotherapy today, so pls. send him your positive vibes and healing light!)

Kelly's also been busy, pimping out something different (he's not Asian, so it doesn't involve techy things).

(The dog bed is allegedly flea-free, dust mite-free, and resistant to all kinds of other icky things. I dunno, my brain glazed over when he was talking about the wonders of this dog bed. HAHA.)

AWWWWWWW! The puppy flies from Johannesburg to Cape Town today too! According to the breeder, Kelly must be at the airport and be the first one to open the cage the doggy is in, to "rescue him" from entrapment. So the doggy will forever be grateful and love his "rescuer" forever and ever, Amen. Er... yeah sure. Sounds like some Dog Whisperer woowoo talk going on there.

PS. We might have a winner for the doggy's name that we've both agreed on. But Kelly wants to meet the doggy first to make sure the name fits him. I was gonna open up a poll on this blog for the name shortlist (HAHA!) but Kelly protested.

PPS. Speaking of gadgets, did you see the launch of the iPad a few hours ago? (Now that I am an Apple aficionado, I keep abreast of these things). That is some serious PRODUCT NAME FAIL. All the jokes about feminine hygiene products have already started. My fave so far from @mrbrown "I would wait for iPad 2.0. I hear it will come with Wings."


  1. So much to comment on!

    a. Yes, after having used PCs since their origin (hello, DOS anyone?), I now have an iMac at home for WFH. I love it. I never thought I would either. PC is still second nature to me, though, and I'm not sure I'll ever be as familiar with the MAC, but I'm not that concerned. Enjoy!

    b. The dog bed looks to be a hit. Puppies like cuddling up next to those side walls on the bed. My puppy still likes to go into her "little puppy" bed and pretend she can still fit.

    c. Submit to the iPhone! LOL!

    d. All the best for your final stages of the move. You sound excited now.

  2. HAHA! I can't imagine your doggy fitting into a little puppy bed now. (Nice hair pouff over Oz Day, btw! ...I can't believe you're considering getting a dog hair dryer that comes with its own stand. It's like how my grandma used to "set" her hair under those blowdryer things).

    And you're right. I am properly excited now. Surrendered to the situation and I'm actually looking forward to what unknown lies ahead now (some interesting work opportunities are popping up too, but more on that later). :)

  3. Lots going on in your neck of the woods! I've been checking in from time to time, but have been insanely busy, so haven't been able to really cruise or leave comments. I have been thinking about you though, and Kelly's dad - hope everything goes well for him with the chemo.

    Can't wait to see more pictures of the new puppy - squee! You'll have so much fun.

    Good luck with all the changes - I'm sure it'll all go swimmingly, what with your great attitude. Surrender - I love it, really truly.

    (It just took me over half an hour to log on to google 'cause it's been so long I had forgotten my password. Quel embarrassment!)


  4. Ohhh....

    I'm so sorry you're moving on - but it will be fun seeing your new adventures.

    My beloved blackberry bit the dust three weeks ago and I reluctantly crossed over to the iphone.

    And I never thought I'd say this: but I love it better. The keyboard is faster AND easier! I've become one of those tragics that is ALWAYS playing with it. And yes....I downloaded the Star Wars light sabre application.

    Tragic. xx Kat

  5. Welcome to the Mac club, now you've seen the lighttt :) I had the same epiphany when we got ours and couldn't wait to abandon my crappy Lenovo laptop in the office for the spanking new Mac at home. Still in love with it!

    Have you checked out this video about the iPad?

  6. Jaime!
    Hope you have safe travels and can stay as plugged in as possible (ha ha!!)-

    (I keep hearing Elvis singing "In the ghetto")

  7. Wow! What have I missed around here?! Thanks for your comments and well wishes!

    "Going ghetto" = figure of speech. Y'know... the fact that I have to leech onto someone else's free wireless now. No offense to McDonald's and the like. < open mouth insert foot >

    Kat - STAR WARS LIGHT SABRE ON YOUR IPHONE?! Hahahahaha! I can't wait to see that light sabre fight. *whng whnnng* (I was gonna write *pew pew* but that's not the right sound innit).



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