Monday, January 11, 2010

Feeling the Heat

Yup, I'd say I'm suitably stressed right now.

In the past 4 days, I've done the following:
1. Called removal companies for quotes (and some of these Ozzies are living up to their reputation and taking their time to get back to me!)

2. Cleared through stuff and decluttered

3. Listed 31 items on eBay (including taking photos and writing up individual listings... and you've seen the way I do my blog posts. My eBay listings are pretty detailed too. All 31 of them)

4. Moved around Kelly's South African & Sydney flights (YAY! He's coming back to help pack for a week!)

5. Tried to move around my Singapore and South African flights (with no joy so far).

6. Set up 2 shoots in Brisbane this week. Holy crap. I still have to make it there at the end of the week to BE AT THE SHOOTS! (That's this weekend blown. But hey, maybe I'll get to snap more pix of Brisbane the Sunshine Coast for you guys! If I'm not stuck on set all day, that is.)

7. Looking after a total of 8 productions in various stages of development and I'm spinning those plates in the sky furiously. My boss is away for the next 2.5 weeks until my official last day of work, so I'm about to fall apart right about NOW.

Yup. At 8.45pm last night I got off a one-hour conference call, of which most time was spent discussing getting various A-list Hollywood actor types to lay down voiceovers for an upcoming commercial. Some were actually interested. Some agents wanted to be made an offer. But after all that wasted time talking, discussing, negotiating, going back and forth... I don't think this client can put their money where their mouth is. Which means: WASTED TIME & EFFORT. Bloody amateurs.

I didn't even have an appetite. Couldn't finish half my Korean Bibimbap (with tofu) which I normally wolf down in one go.

No practice today. Have to get to work early. And there's a flood of bloody eBay questions to answer. URGHHHHHH.

Just 2.5 more weeks till I'm done with work. That's all. That is all.

But look at this walking Ugg boot I saw over the weekend (in the middle of summer in Australia - I'll bet he's feeling the heat too).


  1. Moving is really stressful. Every time I do it, I swear to the heavens that it is the last time I move. Then I go and do it again.

  2. I. HEAR. YOU.

    We moved from Singapore to South Africa about 3 years ago, then this time last year, we moved from South Africa to Australia, and now ONE YEAR LATER only, we're moving back to South Africa. When we moved here I told Kelly "pls let's not move countries again for a while?" And look at where we are now. Ah, life. Ain't she grand. x

  3. 2.5 more weeks, 2.5 more weeks, 2.5 more weeks - you can make it!! that sounds awfully stressful skippetty...I hope you have a bit of time off when you land in SA to breathe and get settled.

  4. I don't envy you...

    Whenever I'm facing something really stressful, I remind myself that there will be a time (soon) that it will be behind me! I focus on the future! I guess that's against being in the moment, but when the moment sucks, it's nice to think of when it'll all be over. Plus, the actual move will be grueling, but I know there are exciting things that go with this move!

  5. Thanks Liz & Kate. I feel like I'm in the middle of a wormhole at the moment. I was chatting with Kelly last night and then realized that he's actually booked to come back here this Sunday (I knew this coz I booked the flight but it somehow didn't register) but I'll still be in brisbane on Sunday. And I know the moment he's here, I'll have to shift gears up a notch in this moving saga and I suddenly had a mini panic attack of all the things I still have to do on the personal front which have been taking a backseat coz work has been whipping my ass and I had to force myself to sit and meditate to stop the downward spiral in my head. It was just 10 minutes but it helped.



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