Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Universe Has a Sense of Humour...

Qantas lost my bag.

The Universe must be testing that I really mean it when I say I am in joyful surrender to what comes my way this year. GRRRRRRR.

Something told me not to check the bag in and just bring it on board but I was tired and couldn't be bothered to schlep it around with me.

I was also overjoyed we finished the shoot early enough on Saturday so I changed my flight to return last night instead of this morning (er... I wanted to come back early to practice at the shala. Seriously! After a moon day and Saturday break, I HAD to come back on the mat today). Premature happiness. Ha!

And after speaking to Qantas today, guess where it's ended up?

In Perth.


How does a bag from Brisbane to Sydney end up in Perth?!?

I suppose I should be thankful that they can still track it in the system and that it's not ended up completely missing altogether. Oh wait, I should cross my fingers and hold my breath and not say such things until it well and truly ends up delivered to my doorstep like they promised.

This bag is allegedly due to be in Sydney at 1pm today.

OK Qantas, let's see if you WIN or FAIL.

I think I reacted pretty well to it last night... the only bugger if I lose the entire bag altogether is:
#1: It's a really cool bag (but I can always buy another COOLER bag. HAHA.)
#2: My toiletries and cosmetics!! (but even though half my bag is full of toiletries & cosmetics - it's a girl thing - I realized last night that the only important toiletries in that bag are toothpaste and face moisturizer).

Good thing I managed to find an OLD tube of toothpaste in Kelly's bathroom (yup, he uses the guest loo so we don't have to hurry each other out the loo in the mornings!).

And also good thing he's a guy who doesn't squeeze all the toothpaste out the tube. This is one of my pet peeves - people who don't squeeze the toothpaste neatly from the bottom of the tube, leaving bunches of toothpaste left in the tube. But this time, my pet peeve worked in my favour. (And don't even get me started on the state he left the toothpaste CAP as well.)

The WRONG way of squeezing:

(Picture credit here. Hey look! A whole post about the right & wrong way to squeeze toothpaste! See, I'm not the only chronic one!)

It's also a good thing for Teacher & her assistant when adjusting me today I found the toothpaste! Can you imagine my stinky dragon breath otherwise? HAHA!

So... I suppose the Universe is again telling me that one really doesn't need that much STUFF. I mean... out of the whole bag that's in transit, I'm only missing face moisturizer and toothpaste? ...that's pretty good for PURGE & DESTROY.

Over on the practice front today, though I was exhausted, I decided Sundays would be my Full Primary till Parsva Dhanurasana days. In case you haven't followed from earlier, after I was given Krounchasana, Teacher cut up some of my Primary - and told me to do my practice up till Parsvottanasana, then fast forward to Paschimottanasana, finish the rest of Primary then continue till where I'm at in Intermediate.

I thought it was a weird split, other people commented that it was a weird split... and everyone was kind of puzzled what the thinking behind it was. I asked Teacher some time last week why this split, and she said matter-of-factly "Well, how long do you want to practice?!"

She went on to explain that once you've got sufficient proficiency of the standing sequence, you don't HAVE to do the extended standing sequence (from UHP to Virabhadrasana B). She said it depends how each individual feels though... and said you know how your body feels from the first few sun salutations and maybe some days you need more standing and some days you don't. She sometimes skips standing altogether and goes straight into the 3rd series after the sun salutations. PHWOAAR.

Oh! Hmm... OK, not quite the dogmatic, traditional point-of-view I suppose, but this makes sense. (FYI - she's certified by both KPJAYI AND Iyengar, so she knows what she's talking about!)

And fair enough too - I timed myself today for Full Primary till Parsva Dhanurasana... and with a long Savasana (about 15 minutes), it was about 2hrs. I don't have this amount of time on a regular weekday! I usually average between 1hr 30min to 1hr 45min if I cut out the extended standing sequence, so I think I'll keep it this way on weekdays, and only go the whole hog on Sundays. I don't want to keep looking at the clock on weekdays and feel rushed to finish so I can get to work.

But once work is done and I'm in Cape Town, I won't have this excuse anymore!

Kelly arrives this arvo (arvo is Ozzy slang for: afternoon) for a week, so we're gonna be moving this "moving thing" up a notch. The removal company comes to pack up this Friday.

I'm taking a deep breath, then taking a shower, then going out to the Mac shop and allowing myself to get lost in gadgets & tech for a couple hours before the chaos begins.


  1. Haha!! OMG, my partner does the "incorrect method" of toothpaste squeezing, and the cap is always encrusted with gummed-up paste! Fortunately he has his own bathroom so he can do what he likes.

    RE: your split, I'm still doing all of standing, even though I know I'm supposed to cut over to 2nd series after parsvottanasana. My balance is so crap in general that I reckon I need to do the one-leg standing poses every day. So I just do it.

    I think you have the right idea modifying your practice to fit the time available. It's horrible feeling rushed and I reckon it defeats the purpose.

    All the best for your moving efforts this week.

  2. You're right Anne, that's why I've decided to do full primary on Sundays too. Last Thursday when I did full primary (Thursday before moon day), my UHP was so crap and wobbly I was like WTF? So... only doing it once a week doesn't feel like it's enough. Especially since I've got flat feet which make balancing difficult. Once time isn't an issue, I fully intend to do the full practice! (builds up stamina too!)

    Toothpaste cap - I couldn't even use it through the cap (feel like soaking the cap in hot water to get the muck off!) What's with these smelly boys?!

  3. hi Skippety
    since i haven't practiced at all, i'm in yoga critique mode, you could say. my Teacher in SF told one of my fellow practitioners that she could sometimes do the first half of primary before intermediate, and then on another day the second half of primary before intermediate. her teachers are RF and S.

    it is common in Mysore for people doing third to only do the sun salutations, uttihita padangustasana, uttihita hasta padangustasana, then go right into the series. because of my abreviated time to practice i use this at the beginning of my routine, then go into my poses of that day.

  4. Thanks Arturo good comment! That's good to know. Your abbreviated teacher names are cryptic indeed. I think I know who RF is. Then... is S from India, from the source itself? (I like that this is a guessing game!)

  5. I've heard of the first half/second half split before intermediate, also from one of the earliest US teachers. (Hey I'll play that game!) I was happy to finally read the explanation for your split. And I SO identify with the watch-the-clock thing. I have to do that most weekdays and it can really undermine practice. Especially if you like nice long savasanas.

    My luggage was lost on the way back from Mysore, but did indeed show up at my doorstep about 36 hours later. If they know where it is, I'm sure yours will be there soon. Happy packing! And keep those toothpaste tubes clean!

  6. The toothpaste thing cracked me up...

    What happens around here is not the toothpast tube issue, but the toothbrush placement issue. A certain someone in my life tends to use his toothbrush in the shower- then leaves it in the shower and instead of getting it out of the shower the next time, uses mine instead. When I point out that he is using my toothbrush (which doesn't gross me out as much as it proabably should, it's just the annoyance that his is 3 feet away), he looks confused about why his would be in the shower. As if someone else put it there.

    At least we're on the same page with the toothpaste tube.

  7. hi Skippety, yes the source. i just don't want him to be having to google so as to read wherever his name is being touted about. hehe.

    i have a new toothbrush habit- putting them (the electric and the manual ones) in a cup of water. it makes the bristles softer. i don't know if it annoys another person.

    i checked my toothpase tube today- it was squeezed at the top. but you know, the new packaging is all plastic rather than metallic like the ancient ones, so eventually you have to squeeze from the bottom anyway to get the last out.

    should we move to TP discussion? hahaha.


  8. Fran - my bag showed up on Sunday evening. Phew! All toiletries in place. Yay!

    Liz - SHARING A TOOTHBRUSH?!!???!?!? Enough said. GROSS. (I don't care if you kids suckface with each other, but sharing a toothbrush is not on!)

    Arturo - I laughed when I read about you soaking your toothbrush. When you get REALLY old enough, I'll imagine your false teeth soaking next to your soaked toothbrush. HAHAHAHA! (Or maybe you'll soak them in the same bowl. EWW!)

  9. I know, I know!! It's not SUPPOSED to be shared... he just grabs mine in his senior moment.


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