Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Don't Ask Retarded Questions Coz I'm Having a Bad Week

Too. Busy. To. Blog.

But before I get back to work, can I just complain about what idiots exist out there?

I have just got a message for an eBay listing for a BROWN & GOLD jacket I have listed. There are photos of the jacket and I have explained in detail where the gold ribbing is, how the 3 Adidas stripes are gold... and bloody hell, there are like FIVE photos uploaded of said BROWN & GOLD jacket. (Please don't ask another retarded question on why I have a ghetto-fabulous BROWN & GOLD Adidas jacket. It is too ghetto-fabulous even for me and was never worn. This is why I'm selling it!!)

And the question goes: "Is this a white & grey jacket as advertised or is it brown & gold?"

I felt like replying "Is this a joke? Are you blind and can't you read?!"

I even double-checked my listing headers and descriptions... and there is NO MENTION of white & grey on the listing AT ALL.

I don't understand why people ask retarded questions. It just adds to my already manic week and makes my blood boil even more.

I had a so-so practice today. I felt the impending doom & gloom before I started my first Dhanurasana. I really don't like the intensity of this sequence (Dhanurasana - Right side Parsva D. - Left side Parsva D - Dhanurasana). Plus, while my drishti's at my nose, I find it really awkward... like WHERE DOES MY HEAD GO? (in the sideways versions) Teacher had to physically adjust my chin down, to get my head lower to the floor coz apparently I was tilting it up to the sky. Ugh. I hate this asana. (For now). And for the first time EVAR, I am quite happy to stop my practice at this point, with no desire to move forward in the series at the moment.

Oh look, I have created a blog post in 5 minutes. Back to work now.


  1. LOL, nothing like a good rant!! Seriously, there are some idiots out there and they seem to all look at eBay.

    Yeah, Dhanurasana puffed me out for a long time. The official head position for Parsva is straight ahead, ie the same position as the regular dhanurasana. No head turning. Side of face parallel to the floor. Head back.

  2. Yeah, I just realized today that that's the correct head position. Teacher was like "what are you doing over there?! ...Where's your head at?" *cue Basement Jaxx track*

    Yup, I'm asking myself that now. Where's my head at. ARGHHHHHH!

  3. This is exactly why I could never post anything on Ebay. I would go ballistic on that person. Actually, I would have just cut and pasted the description you originally wrote and that would be my answer. I sometimes do that to a customer who emails me a question about something that is very obviously explained on my website. I cut and paste it and even link it. But that's in my bitchier moments. It's always easy to tell if someone is sincerely missing the information somehow or simply not paying attention. Those who do not pay attention suffer my wrath.

    I wish I could handle your Ebay transactions for you. heh heh heh.

  4. It's coming to the end of my day now, and I've just looked at the reply I left in the end and laughing at it now. It seemed like a reasonably veiled response.

    Don't forget the question was: Is it grey&white as advertised or brown&gold?

    My reply:
    "Hello, this is advertised as brown & gold in the listing and it is a brown & gold jacket. The colour depends on how your computer screen is calibrated and would look slightly different on all computers. Apologies if my pictures don't come across the way the jacket should look on your screen, but this is definitely a BROWN & GOLD jacket. Thanks, and good luck on your bid!"

    I seemed nice (I was trying to "kill them with kindness") but you can definitely tell I'm irritated. HAHAHAHAH!

  5. Ok, got to say, that looks pretty grey and white to me too, and that's on my brand spanking new mac super screen. Was dying to ask you more stupid questions but bid on your Manduka instead.

    Hey folks Skippetty is selling a Manduka, Bidding war!!!

    If i win it will you sign it?

    Actually I bid and yet have no idea how much an Australian dollar is worth in real money.

    Why are you selling it, and how many pairs of yoga capri pants does a girl need : )

  6. Note to self: Never announce on my blog when I decide to sell on eBay. GRIMMLY!!! I feel naked now. Like I've aired my dirty laundry (ALMOST LITERALLY) in public. OK, maybe she has a point. It looks brown and gold on my PC. Good thing my note to her took that into account too. Screen colour calibration y'all. Phew!

    I've got 2 towels already, and they're still going strong so I don't need another one. PURGE & DESTROY, remember? I don't need all this STUFF. My motto used to be "a girl can never have too many shoes & bags". I think I'm changing that to "a girl can never have too many yoga clothes" (shifting priorities. Heh).


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