Friday, January 22, 2010

My Life in 2 Cubic Metres

That should probably read "Our life" in 2 cubic metres... but Kelly keeps insisting most of the stuff in the boxes is MINE and he doesn't have much stuff in there. But of course. Blame the chick. Too easy!

So the movers came and went today.

After doing these international moves a few times now, I think we've become pros at it. This doesn't stop me from stressing and worrying about it of course (it's also an occupational hazard that I think of whether or not I've got all contingency plans covered)... Mister, on the other hand... was playing XBox, eating chocolate and brushing my worries off saying "It'll be fine. We got it sorted in a day the last time. Why are you stressing?"

This in itself didn't get me pissed off. What actually got me even more riled up was I knew that he was right and I just have a problem chillaxing about it. (Yes. I said "chillax". Another word that gives me the heebyjeebies).

I was so uptight I even had a nose-bleed last night. Seriously! I blew my nose and all this blood spewed out and then I went into my "Poor Me" mode last night. And then I wished I had a butler who could sort out my shit for me so I wouldn't have to lift a finger. Every single time I have to pack before a trip, I keep wishing I had a butler who could do this for me. It's just my "thing". I hate packing. I think I hate packing more than the Parsva Dhanurasana sequence.

Kelly & I have this thing where we go around saying "FANG PI!" (pronounced "fung pee!") ...which I suppose is the Chinese equivalent of "BOLLOCKS!" in English . Literally translated, it actually means "FART!" which cracks us up. (I think I've got this context right. My Chinese is pretty crap and "FANG PI!" is gleaned from watching Chinese dramas with English subtitles. HAHAHA.) So I've been yelling out "FANG PI!" all day and night in frustration while moving my stuff around.

ANYWAYS... If you're ever planning a move, the easiest thing to do (for the movers AND for yourself) is to pile all the stuff you wanna move in one spot BEFORE they get there.

Luckily, we don't have much stuff. And we've been pretty good about culling things along the way. With no furniture to move (we rented this apartment fully furnished), it's really just clothes, shoes, books and personal effects to ship. EVEN EASIER.

This is the final pile of stuff we made in the corner of the living room last night:

Then I looked out the window and thought of how I'll miss this gorgeous view of the city (I like how we're not looking into anyone's place and vice versa):

And then the movers came. Just TWO of them! HAHAHAHA! The last time when we moved from Cape Town, there was a whole squad of like... 6 people who descended on our little apartment. It was much less manic today and heckuva lot more organized. I think it's coz we were a lot more organized ourselves, putting everything in one spot for them. It was so much less stressful! (I hate people rifling through my stuff, so I think it was much less invasive too, when I'd taken everything out of drawers, closets and dumped them outside).

The guys came in, took a look at our little pile and said "Too easy!" and got straight to work. They're kinda sorta like your little butlers, I suppose. Legally, for customs purposes, the moving company needs to physically pack up your stuff and put them in the boxes... so when it came to the actual packing, I REALLY didn't have to lift a finger! It took them a total of oh, say... half an hour to be done?

Every box was also labelled with what's inside. (Don't they say that's a bad thing to do though? I hope the stowaways in the cargo hold don't get to the box with XBOX written on it).

Most of the stuff was really books & DVDs. Mostly MY yoga books. HAHAHA. (FYI - the only book I saved to bring around with me for the next couple months is: Gregor Maehle's Intermediate Series book. Of course.)

So that's it. Our lives packed up into 11 boxes of 2 cubic metres. Not bad for a day's work.

Oh, I'd just like to add that when we moved here, we had 14 boxes in total. I reckon we (and by that I mean: ME) did a good job of culling.

Let go of the old and allow new energy to flow in!! (And no, I don't mean this in the materialistic-I'm-gonna-buy-more-stuff sense. I really mean this on an energetic level!) Purge the old and stale, and let the new energy enter!


  1. FANG PI!
    This post was so funny inspite of your stress and irritation (mabye because of it?). I'm so glad this, at least, is behind you! Your butlers did a fine job.

    I find it so interesting that some people can be laid back about things that get me so worked up. I would have been scurrying around and making lists and cursing the man for being relaxed. ha! Stop fang pi-ing around!

  2. Haha, glad you found it funny coz that's the spirit in which it was written. I may moan & groan about a lot of things (PARSVA DHANURASANA. UGH!), but ultimately I end up laughing about them coz... what else can you do, especially if you're in a difficult situation right?

    And HAHAHA! I'm gonna use fang-pi as a verb like you! "You're fang pi-ing around now!" Too funny.

  3. This post is hysterical, thank you for making me laugh like a hyena! Glad to see that the move went well (I'll have to do the FANG PI mantra myself for our move next week). We had 50 boxes when we moved to the US (incl furniture) so 14 boxes is very very admirable! Enjoy your last few days of Sydney!


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