Saturday, January 23, 2010

Space Invaded

I got 'em! Remember when I ordered the Space Invaders leggings impulsively?

They came in the mail yesterday, and the guys at Black Milk were ever so awesome... giving me updates of when they were headed to the printers to get them printed up, then sewn up (oooh! Makes it sound even better, when you know they only make them up when they're ordered...) And just as well they're also based here in Oz. Ultra quick delivery.

And behold! My limited edition geeky Space Invaders leggings! :)

First things first. They are LYCRA.

Seriously, I never, ever, ever, ever thought I'd EVER own a pair of LYCRA tights. But here I am, proud owner and WEARER OF LYCRA. The shiny sheen doesn't come across in the photos, but er... lycra is SHINY, and so are these leggings. But they're so far-out you kinda forgive them for being shiny.

And while I love that they're printed to order, the little detail like how the cloth is originally white underneath kinda shows through on the seams. Which isn't a big deal unless you're OCD like me. When the leggings are BLACK, and you see a WHITE line running down the seam (especially when the material gets stretched when they're worn). Well... that's a pretty big oversight.

I'm just turning the seams as far back as I can so I don't see them when I look down. HAHAHA.

But other than that... WELL DONE, BLACK MILK! I LOVE THEM!

PS. Someone asked if I'd be wearing them to yoga. Er... NO! (besides, lycra doesn't breathe and I don't wanna feel uncomfy like Superman). I am really gonna be wearing these leggings out - OUT. As in: IN PUBLIC! Hehe.


  1. They're awesome. (I agree about black printed on white, but not everyone can be as perfect as we are). HA HA!!
    They look so cute on your itty bitty legs!

  2. Bahaha! You have been fooled! (it's called "clever use of camera angle to get skinny legs"). ;p


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