Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm Full But Not Satisfied. And Tired.

9.55pm and I'm having dinner in front of the computer while banging out MORE emails and uploading more stuff on this sloooooooow 3G connection. Er... at least it's room service in a nice hotel?

Wah-heyyyyyy! I'm in Brisbane now. The only vegan things on the in-room dining menu are minestrone soup (they topped it off with cheese that I had to scrape off) and a side order of steamed veggies. B.O.R.I.N.G. (I suspect they tossed the veggies in... BUTTER). Blech.

Why am I telling you about my dinner, that's even more boring.

I am exhausted. Got another 2 big days of shoots ahead of me. I shared a cab to the airport with the editor on another job I've got on. It's been so manic and down to the wire that he was editing on the Avid on his laptop IN THE CAB as we were speeding to the airport. He almost threw up on himself.

Just before I left the apartment this morning, I checked the mailbox and guess what arrived today?

Mr. Swenson, I heart you and Imma let you finish your Practice Manual and all, but right now Gregor is muh hero.

WOOHOOOOOO! Time for some bedside studying tonight.

(First thoughts: Okaaaaay, so it's printed on 100% recycled paper. But does recycled paper quality have to be SO CRAP?)


  1. I loved the book (did a whole review of it), it felt a lot more mature than the first one, well done... would like to know your reactions

  2. For his first book, I haven't even sunk my teeth into it. I'm just using it as a pure reference at the moment - going to the particular poses that I'm thinking about to see what he has to say. I've heard great things on his Yoga Sutras interpretation though... haven't got round to it yet.

    His Intermediate book... somehow I want to drink it all up. I started with the Introduction (how dorky?) ...and was so exhausted I think I only got through 2 pages! HA! Will let you know how it goes as I move along with this book. :)

  3. hi Skippety
    i wonder if this book is available in, like a bookstore, rather than thru mailorder. things don't ship well to here. sorry, i'm tired and asking dumb questions for the last 2 hours. the answer is that i should check it out and see if i see it on sale.

  4. I LOVE your blog! I'm going to buy the book now. DIdn't even know it was out. Must be living under a rock. LOL. His first one is my favorite Ashtanga book by far, and yeah his writing on the Sutras is superb- only one thing missing imo- The Sanskrit written out so English readers can pronounce it. XO

  5. Arturo! I almost spat my water out at the screen. Glad you worked it out for yourself. Hehe. Is there a bookstore there that deals with alternative therapies? (seems unlikely)... but if there is, you could get them to order for you so you don't get the hassle of delivery restrictions etc.

    Good point Sarah! (and Welcome here!) I remember when started out yonks ago, I used John Scott's book for reference (I still refer to it) and I like that he has the phonetic pronunciation of all the asanas. Oh well... Google's your best friend these days for these things... ;p


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