Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 is My Joyful Surrender

I meant to write about this yesterday, but somehow it evolved into a pretty long post about Sharath's DVD. So I'm telling you today anyway. Better late than never.

Big changes are coming ahead in my world. Some of you may already know a little about it from my Down & Out post last year, or maybe I've confided in you a little about what THAT was all about.

Basically... we are leaving Sydney.

Uh huh.

As quickly as we've moved, we will be off again within a year of settling here. Kelly's dad has not been well and we've decided that he needs to be with his dad now. There was a bit of a scare over the Christmas hols... Christmas Eve, to be exact. Suffice it to say that I spent that evening scrambling around and calling the airlines to get him on the next available flight back to Cape Town on Christmas Day to be with his dad. (Sorry I didn't share this then, it just didn't seem appropriate to be The Holiday Dampener!)

...which explains why Kelly wasn't in any of the Bali pictures. Anyways, before you get too concerned, I'm happy to report that his dad is doing much better now and is resting at home. But we have both made the decision together to up and move again! At this point, it's a move back to Cape Town indefinitely.

Initially I was upset and in shock at the situation, things just seemed to be happening too quickly! ...but now that I've had some time to process and think about it, I've decided that the only way to deal with this is to be in joyful surrender to the Universe. I'm just rolling with this and I'll see where life takes me in 2010 (please Dear Universe, can I finally go to Mysore this year?)

Do you know why I cried in Savasana last year? ...because as Kelly and I were discussing our options, I realized that one of the main reasons why I would be very sad to leave Sydney would be because I'd be leaving my beautiful teacher (scroll back to start on Page 1 in this pdf) and her beautiful shala.

It seems so trivial to be thinking of this when there are bigger life issues looming over us at the moment, but I suppose that's how big an impact she has made in my life even if she doesn't even know it! Through her, I have learnt so much about myself.

This has also been a big lesson in non-attachment for me in every way. ...Just letting go of fear, anxiety and not being attached to the outcome... Letting go of my attachment to my teacher... Letting go of wanting to know what will happen... Letting go of willing things to happen... and just surrendering to what will be and what it IS.

2010 is my year of Joyful Surrender.
(Thank you Sam, for affirming this suspicion I had!)

Since I officially handed in my resignation on Monday, the first working day of this year, I thought it would be OK to finally share this with you now.

I'm unsure of when I'll finally be leaving here, just have a few more admin things to lock down first... but it'll be some time at the end of January or early February.


So... Now you can look forward to more new adventures from me. You're welcome to tag along on this Magic Carpet Ride. Just no backseat drivers, please!

Ahoy! Joyful Surrender ahead!


  1. Love your spirit babe.

    God bless and all the best!

    Love how you roll with the punches...

    2010 will rock!!!

    daniel ong
    Your ex tv/radio partner

  2. Hey Dan the Man! How's my superstar celebrity doing? Thanks for your well wishes... you're gonna be a dad, I'm off to infinity & beyond... 2010 will indeed be a goodie. ;p

  3. Beautiful post, Jaime. Will have to process this change. No more pics of Bondi beach? No more stories about shooting commercials in a monsoon? But wait, maybe there will be even better stories! Yeah, that's it! I'm seeing even more amazing chapters to be added to the adventure that's your life. And I look forward to hearing all about them!

    Thanks for sharing your life with all of us!


  4. New adventures and exciting times. I too will be moving soon (as soon as our house sells) so, I know exactly how you feel. It's stressfull, but, once you surrender that there will be changes coming, you have to embrace it. yeah for 2010!

  5. Huge changes, yes, and great approach! wish you all good things :)

  6. Thanks guys, appreciate your support. The cybershala rocks! (((HUGS!)))

  7. I admire your outlook on it all- it's huge, but it's for family and that's pretty awesome (not sure I could do the same).

    Think of all the old friends you'll get to reconnec with! And maybe you'll find a great space to practice- I know thing will work out, you're too positive to let this dampen your enthusiasm for life.

    Can't wait to read all about the move and the return to Cape Town (and yeah, maybe this will be your year for going to Mysore!).

  8. Thanks Liz! ...well it doesn't make any sense for me to stick around in Sydney if Kelly's not here. I mean, much as I love it and the yoga here is AWESOME... that's kinda not enough for me to stick around here on my own (er... the advertising level here is definitely not enough for me to stick around on my own!) So I'm doing it for me as much as I am for anyone else, don't think I'm such a saint! :p There may be more exciting things in the pipeline, cross your fingers and if it happens I'll be sure to let you know. Heh. x


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