Saturday, February 6, 2010

B'bye Singapore!

I am leaving Singapore tonight for Cape Town.

It's been an extremely short trip back home and I haven't been able to see as many people as I've wanted to... but oh well, how much can you really squeeze into 3 days, right? Was meant to stick around here for another week or so... but recent events on the work front have been confirmed and the wheels are set in motion for me to begin a freelance job extremely SOON. And er... it won't be happening in Cape Town. HA!

So I'm gonna spend the next week with Kelly and his family in South Africa before embarking on yet another adventure... in, er... EUROPE!

No time to go into detail and I probably can't anyways, with confidentiality disclosures and all, etc. BUT... I'll probably be working on one of the biggest jobs of my career to date. I've gotta say, I'm really liking this Joyful Surrender in 2010.

Impressions of Singapore as I'm leaving home: This place is really turning into one big shiny beacon of SHOPPING MALL heaven. I mean, not that it wasn't before. But it's becoming EVEN MORE SO. If that were even possible! I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing. The place is changing, it's quite different... and I'm shocked to see one big high-rise after another that has sprouted up in the past year... and not just with the malls in town... it's also with all the apartment blocks in the suburban areas too. My mouth was gaping wide open every time we drove around the city.

A friend told me I'm just being too nostalgic. Things have to change for progress to happen. How very pragmatically Singaporean.

I was looking through my photos for shiny beacons of shopping malls to upload here, but realized that 99% of the photos I took were all of FOOD. How very greedily Singaporean of me!

But here's one of Orchard Ion I found. Where this mega-structure mall stands used to be a grassy green hill in the middle of the shopping district. I suppose it was a prime piece of real estate... too "wasted" on a rolling piece of greenery.

Catch up later in Cape Town. I'm eager to check out a brand new shala that has opened in town. They've got regular morning Mysore classes and it's with one of my old teachers from before. YAY!


  1. hi Skippetty, that is some great architecture, wow.

  2. Give us a shout if you stop by London!

  3. EUROPE?? Wow! Can't wait to hear the details, and maybe even a chance of a tweet-up?I'm loving your attitude though Jaime, bring it on 2010 - what have you got for me?! Happy travels & bon voyage :)

  4. Happy Trails again! Enjoy the diversion (and bundle up - it's cold over there!)

  5. Thanks guys. It may involve a stop in London. And you know I will definitely let you know when I know! ;)

    Arturo - there's definitely some interesting architecture going on in Singapore now. But not as interesting as in Shanghai though! I still prefer the slightly older styles like art-deco. More character. I find the modern contemporary architecture quite soul-less. x


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