Monday, December 7, 2009


I am rubbing my hands together in glee right now.

Today, right after practice, Teacher told me "I was going to move you on today... *mumble mumble... something something*" ...I was in my post-Savasana haze and was like "...huh? Say what?"

And then she said it, something along the lines of "Intermediate... it's coming. I'll move you on some time this week to the intermediate series."





Actually, it was more like I was jumping all around her, almost squealing in joy. I think she half-regretted telling me that, coz then she said "Don't get too excited now!"

Ashtanga teachers are a funny breed, aren't they? HAHAHA, how did she expect I'd react by telling me THAT?!

So then I replied "Oh yes, yes, non-attachment. Practice non-attachment." and stopped jumping up and down.

And she nodded and said "Yes, that's right".

AWESOMENESS!!! ...So when it finally does happen "some time this week", I'll be sure to broadcast it by loudhailer on here. Of course you know I would. Heh.

On the nuts & bolts of practice today... it was the first practice I had since putting food back in my system again (yes that's right, I skipped yesterday's practice... only coz I was sooooo super absorbed in my new hobby of jewellery-making that I missed BOTH morning & afternoon classes. But will write about that another time).

Last night, I didn't have much of a dinner... just the remainder of the cherries (well, it was still a huge bowl full), and I was munching through Special K while watching TV. (I like to think Special K's a smidgen healthier than munching on potato crisps, even though it's filled with an amazing amount of sugar. Just don't read the ingredients list too closely.) :p

Pleased to report that I managed the Mari D wrist binds again today, although I can definitely feel a difference in the twists between the empty belly I had while on the detox, and even on a belly that wasn't full of THAT much food from yesterday.

When it came to Supta Kurmasana, the shala was pretty full, and I was waiting in Kurmasana for quite a while to get an assist. So... you know me... I was curious to see how and if I could still get this bloody bind now that I had a bit of food in my gut. And... VOILA! I managed a 5-finger bind! I hooked 2 or 3 finger-tips together and gradually puuuuuuuulled them into a 5-finger bind.


I think if I'd had pasta for dinner, I probably wouldn't have been able to manage this. I am thoroughly convinced of this. I am just super amazed by what a difference the amount of food... er... in your gut can make to your practice. Well, to MY practice, at least. NOW I understand why Kino only ate some dried fruit & nuts for dinner in that article from way back when on Arturo's blog. I am seeing where she was coming from now. Goodness knows if she still eats like that now, but hmm... maybe that's something I would consider doing too. Hey, it's all about the practice, dudes! ;)

Now I've got to wait a whole day till tomorrow (and another day for practice) comes. Sigh. Non-attachment sucks!!!


  1. That is so great! I don't think I'll ever get to 2nd ...Still a million miles away from binding in Mary D, though the shala I go to doesn't stop you there, so I do/attempt a few poses on from there ... :)

  2. Thanks Susie! I never thought I'd see the day I got here too. BUT WAIT! I'm counting them chickens before they hatch! I'm still not there YET!'s practice, practice, practice. The progress has happened much quicker when I've increased from 3 - 4 times a week to practising 5 - 6 times a week. So it's possible!

    There are housewives in their late 40s in my shala (with grown-up kids, no less) who are up to the middle of intermediate. I look at them and feel very inspired (and have no excuse left). It is all possible. :)

  3. Hey now... watch how you sling that phrase "middle age" around! ha ha ha!!! I plan on living past 100, so I figure I'm not quite to the middle of my age yet.

    I'm excited for you about your advancement! I know it's making you really happy. Can't wait to read all about it!!

    Those cherries sound great. Wish I had some right now. My belly is full of Indian food but I'm craving sweets!

  4. AWESOMENESS! Kudos to you - you've worked bloody hard , it's well-deserved! I know I should let go of intermediate right now (I only manage standing from UD about 2-3 practices a week), but I'm getting a kick out of the mental challenge it's presenting, so I'm still doing it. That may all change when I rock back up to the shala - with a different teacher, no less.

    My usual teacher wouldn't give poses on a Tuesday - hope yours does!
    How far through second were you practising before you started here? I'm guessing you're a natural backbender, and it'll be a doddle for you - am I right??

  5. Yes, that's true what Lew said above, ie traditionally no new poses on Tuesday. You may have to wait til Wednesday!

  6. Lizzie, no one's calling anyone "middle aged"! I just re-read what I wrote again and I just said they're in their late 40s!! HAHAHAH! Pls. don't be a sensitive flower, no offense to anyone, but I was trying to articulate tnat age is no excuse. (Hey, even Lino Miele started his first Ashtanga class at the age of 38 and look where he is now!)

    Lew/ Anne: I never knew that before. I wonder what the reasoning is behind that? ...this teacher's pretty traditional, so looks like I'll have to wait even longer. GRRR. Hehe. Non-attachment. Non-attachment. Non-attachment. Non-attachment.

  7. Oh and lew, yeah backbends come a little easier for me although I've got a flat thoracic (years of ballet training). It's the quads I've had to build up more strength in though, coz just a flexible back itself is also no good.

  8. ha!! no one has ever called me a sensitive flower! I was kidding...

    I have no age issues since I can kick the butts of most 20 year olds. (but then I have to take a nap)

  9. Hehe, didn't think you were a sensitive flower either, I just like the term. And I've seen your videos. When I grow up, I wanna be just like you! (butt-kicking and all) ;p

  10. This is AWESOME Jamie, I love it!! Can just see you jumping around and your teacher attempting to bring some calm to the place...!
    Was just saying to Globie yesterday, one of the things I love about ashtanga is that you rarely get people younger than 30 starting it (OK, you do, but more often than not people are 30+). It's the only thing I've done for a while where people have regularly referred to me as 'starting young' (I started at 30.5!) and the most impressive ashtangis I've seen are all in their mid to late 40s & they rock.
    Just one other thing, don't get too hung up on the not eating before practice thing. This is real life & you need enough fuel in your body to live your life, do your job AND practice, it's not just about empty belly = better binds! I know you're sensible but it does just worry me slightly that there's this connection with all the talk of ED in the twittershala this week - I'm thinking more about people reading who don't know you and get your sense of humour!! x

  11. Congratulations, big smile at the thought of you jumping about. Some nice asana at the beginning of 2nd, used to hate the Salabhasana's but they prep you for the evil Mayurasana later so like them now.

    No new poses on Tuesday... is that true?

    I started having a small glass of fruit juice in the morning about half an hour before practice and that seems to work well for me.

  12. Congratulations, that is big news! Can't wait to read more about it, but I, too, will practice non-attachment and wait patiently for your "broadcast" when it happens :)

  13. Hey Mel, I know where you're coming from... but I love food too much to ever go without it completely! My experiments with food are always from a nutritional point-of-view... I'm seeing it more and more from a "you are what you eat" point-of-view... never from a "I have to lose weight" point-of-view. I am Singaporean after all... LOVING FOOD is part of our genetic make-up!

    Thanks Grimm... ahhh... so much more to "look forward" to! I usually drink a few sips of water half an hour before practice. Anything more than that and I feel it sloshing around when I practice! My digestive system is evidentally very sensitive! (I mean, depending on what I eat the night before, sometimes I can even feel that in my belly the next day!)

    Thanks Danielle - broadcast is done today. ;p


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