Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shoot in Parow, Cape Town

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Straight after the Irene shoot, I headed back to Cape Town on another shoot for a different client the next day. This one was more fun - we had an extremely large lady that had to be rigged to a harness so it looked like she was being sucked into the sky, and we also did the same with a golf cart and motorbike.

...it took 3 men initially to hoist her up, but then when we had to change the angle where she was being lifted, it took a total of 5 men (3 on the ground, 1 on the roof of a building, and yet another one running in the opposite direction, hanging onto a crane beam for support). It was pretty hysterical. More photos in the photo album column and some videos below. (oh, forgot to add: This was also Kelly's and my first job together since we've been working at the same place again. Spot him in the pix!)

Shoot in Irene, Pretoria

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Last Thursday & Friday, we were in Irene, Pretoria on a shoot. Pretoria's the official capital of South Africa (it's right next to Johannesburg, and both cities are growing so quickly that they're merging into one). Irene (pronounced Ai-ree-nee) is a suburban area with a few dairy farms in the area, and everywhere we went from the Irene Country Village Mall to the Irene Village Farmstall, there were cows and cow-themed everything, everywhere. Check this upside-down cow statue in the local village mall.

There was an outbreak of Rift Valley Fever in the area so we were told not to eat the cheese or drink the milk (although farmers were selling RAW milk - unpasteurised/ unhomogenised in the streets). YUCKS!
We were shooting a pastoral/ nature scene with the four seasons and it was glorious what art department did - check out rain in summer, snow in winter, lots of red & gold leaves in autumn (each individual leaf was dipped in double-velvet wall paint for extra strength, with glitter added on top), and pink cherry blossoms in spring. More photos in the album on the left, and some video footage at the bottom of this entry.

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