Monday, January 18, 2010


What happens when you leave a guy to his own devices for 3 weeks?

He goes and gets a puppy.

OK. In Kelly's defense, he has been wanting a doggy in like, forever. Except while we've been in Sydney, we've been living in an uptight wanker-designer apartment that's as uptight with its animal-in-apartment regulations. And adopting a pet would have been too much hassle.

We've talked a lot about adopting. And mind you, I am NOT for puppy mills AT ALL. Y'know, those awful breeders who breed pups and spit them out like they were from a factory line. I firmly believe in going to the SPCA and giving one of those poor pups or kitties there a fair shot in life. (I've been wanting a kitty, whereas Mister has been wanting a doggy).

While he's been back in Cape Town visiting (and obviously with too much time on his hands)... he's been talking about Boston Terriers. Googling them, looking into who breeds them (ARGHHH!)... chasing down owners walking their Boston Terriers in the streets... you get the idea. I've always been quite partial to them - they were my Uni mascot after all! (Boston University. Go Terriers!!!)

I like how they're kinda ugly till they're cute. Y'know. Like if a Gremlin shagged a Pug... you'd get a Boston Terrier. HAHAHA!





So before I knew it, during our evening Skype sessions, he would give me updates on which breeders from where he'd been in contact with... I would grill him on how these breeders operate (since I was and am still very against the idea of buying from a factory-mill breeder vs. rescuing from the pound).

To his credit he had checked out dogs at the pound but has been dead set on "I WANT A BOSTON TERRIER!" and since they're kinda rare in S.Africa, of course there were none at the pound. So he found a few reputable people who only have a few litters a year, since they claim to have the animals' welfare at heart. (But really, if you had the animals' welfare at heart, would you really be breeding puppies then wrenching them away from their Mamas all for a price? OK, don't get me started here).

And lo and behold, I open my inbox a few days ago and he has gone and put a deposit down for the little one on the left (the bigger one).


First thoughts: CUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!! (Awww... he looks like a little turd!)

Second thoughts: WHAT THE EFF?!?!??????? YOU PUT DOWN A DEPOSIT?!?!????

But you know what... the deed's been done, the deposit's been placed... the puppy's still with his Mama until he's big enough to be... "wrenched away from Mama"... into the big hairy arms of Kelly in a few weeks' time. Oh dear, I'm talking like it's only his dog when I know it'll really be my dog too.

I am of course extremely excited and thrilled coz he's gonna be such a cutie!! BUT... I'm also kinda nervous about this since... well, dogs are a big responsibility and they're kinda clingy, aren't they? (Spoken like a true cat person. Oh, and did I mention I'm also ALLERGIC to dogs?!) Yeah, that's just a small oversight which held us back a little from adopting a dog before too. *nervous laugh*

OK. Hello Joyful Surrender. Hmm... I suppose there's a good Kinesiologist in Cape Town I could always visit if this allergy starts acting up. There, I have my Plan B in place.

So... I guess... you can look forward to more doggy pictures and stories in the near future. I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HIM!!! (We're already thinking up poncey names for him.) :)


  1. Super cute... but what puppy isn't? I would be dying to get my hands on that little turd!

    My grandmother had a Boston Terrier named Happy. I was kind of scared of him since I was little and he jumped on me!

    I'm definitely a cat person, but I've been turned into a dog person over the past few years. This little guy is going to do that to you.

  2. LOL!! One of Miss Gabor's favourite playmates at the dogpark is a Boston Terrier puppy named Olive. Olive speeds around like a rabbit and Miss Gabor tries to chase her down. Everyone has fun.

    Yes, getting a puppy is a HUGE commitment, or at least I think it SHOULD be. I heard some terrible statistic that something like 25,000 dogs get put-down each year because they are "surrendered" to the pound and no one wants them. Make sure you go to Puppy Classes and learn the basic parental skills.

    Anyway, I better stop now. I could go on and on.

    OH, I must add though that there ARE truly caring people who are dog breeders. They aren't all puppy mill operators, who have given honest breeders a bad reputation.

  3. Liz: Happy the Dog. Hehe. We are going for more human names (almost as a joke). And we're thinking of Elizabethan/ Aristocratic names. I like Norman. Or Humphrey. HAHA. Maybe I should start a poll on our shortlisted names so far. :)

    Yes mum! Sorry, I mean Anne! Every time I say the same thing to Kelly he says "hello?! I'm xx years old. You don't have to tell me that". Oh, and he knows all those statistics too coz the RSPCA was one of his clients.

  4. Sorry if I came across all "mum-like". I wasn't meaning to lecture.

  5. No no! Not at all! (I'd been saying the same things to Kelly all this while anyways so you're preaching to the converted). ;p

  6. No no! Not at all! (I'd been saying the same things to Kelly all this while anyways so you're preaching to the converted). ;p


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