Monday, December 14, 2009

Down & Out

It has been an emotionally heavy weekend. Lots of things going on on the personal front, stuff I don't wanna talk about here coz it involves other people too, not just me.

So... things will probably be changing and shifting again in the not too distant future. And I will talk about it again when the time is right. There's too much uncertainty at the moment, which adds to the heaviness.

Suffice to say that backbends, those glorious heart-openers, were pretty tight and shrunken today. I never usually have a problem opening those shoulders (except for a slightly tighter left side)... and dropbacks were shit. I grazed my head (more like PLONKED my head) on the mat all 3 times I dropped back coz I just couldn't open the upper back/ shoulders enough. Or maybe I wasn't concentrating hard enough.

And the tears came in Savasana (thank goodness for my eQua hand towel which doubles as my eye pillow... and tears-mopper-upper today.)

Whoever thinks the physical body can't be connected to the emotional body is thinking shit, coz this is clearly not woowoo stuff. I felt it in today's practice.


  1. Hell, I'm so sorry you're going through stuff. It's another place the practice is an amazing barometer, isn't it? I remember fighting back tears in the closing pranayama once, when my son was going through a rough time at school. I hadn't been consciously thinking about it, but still the tears came.

    Huge hugs your way, hope you're feeling a little more your usual self before too long. xoxo

  2. Thanks Lew, much appreciated. It'll work itself out, it always does. It just sucks before it does. I give up! I surrender! :) xxx

  3. Bless, have a hug. Well done for making it to your mat. I'm sure it helped.

  4. Yes I'm with Helen, well done even making it onto your mat with all the other stuff going on. I know when I've had things happening I didn't dare get on my mat for fear of what might come out. Make sure you go easy and remember that the practice will sustain you - so don't let it finish you off if you're extra tired, be gentle with yourself.xx

  5. Thanks guys, really appreciate your kind words. Big hugs back. xxx

  6. Aw! I hope you're feeling better soon.

    I know ALL about crying during practice. And, to agree with everyone- it is a big accomplishment to make it to the mat when one is in such a state. Easier to just stay in bed and be miserable in private. Good work.

  7. Well... this morning I decided to sleep in and skip practice. I just couldn't. And tomorrow's moon day. Oh well, Thursday will be another day of practice that I'll aim for. Hrmph. Thanks Lizzy. x

  8. Sorry things are a bit crap, thank god for youtube.
    Hope things resolve themselves soon. Couple of days off the mat not such a bad thing perhaps, you've been pushing yourself pretty hard last couple of weeks. Kind of weird how moon days just seem to appear when you need them most.
    Take care x

  9. Thanks Grim. The cybershala kicks ass. Really appreciate all of you guys' kind words and it helps. Yup, things will sort themselves out slowly but surely... I think I'm just getting over the initial shock but now trying to plan the way forward. Those rest days helped indeed. :)


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