Friday, November 7, 2008

Food Freak + Food Diary = Ultra Food Freak!

I'm completely on a roll with this new-found fascination (aka obsession) with food. Well, since I've gotta be feeding every 2 - 3hrs to maintain 'em blood-sugar levels, and on top of that feeding on wheat-free, sugar-free, yeast-free food... food is never too far from mind. Oh, did I mention I've started a food diary too? (Everyone together now: "FREEEEEEEAK!")

Nothing quite as professional as this:

Nor as manically obsessive as this:

...just a plain old notebook jotting down what I've eaten at what time and how I feel within half-hour or 1 hour of eating it. It's a pretty interesting experiment... You might remember that I started eating chicken again last week. And then I had chicken again on Monday for lunch this week and felt ill in the afternoon (heavy, and a lack of energy).

Now, if I didn't have this food diary I would've just glossed over it and thought nothing of it, but because I can cross-reference Monday's lunch with Thursday's dinner, I'm now thinking maybe it's coz I also had rice with the chicken on Monday (ie. cardinal sin of food combinations: no meat protein with carbs) and maybe that's why it slowed me down. The other cause could also be because I had meat again within 4 days of each other so maybe my body wasn't used to it.

Here's a great food combination chart that shows which foods work well/ poorly with each other:

OK, you've either gone cross-eyed by now or you're thinking I'm completely OCD and need to see a shrink (maybe I do!) but it's only through such minute observations that I'm able to figure out through trial and error what works for me and what doesn't. And since what goes into my system makes such a big difference to how I feel later, I'd rather be a maniac about it now. Maybe after this cleanse I'll slow down a bit, but I'm still not bored of this new-found awareness. Yet.

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