Monday, November 24, 2008

The Descent into Sugar

Last Thursday was the official end of my wheat-free, sugar-free, yeast-free cleanse. (Thanks Pam, for the Facebook Kopitiam gift!)

...So now it's about slowly introducing all things good (well, actually it's "all things bad" innit) back into the diet.

It started off innocently enough - with a sugar-free Carob bar (chocolate substitute).

Guess that doesn't really count since it's something I could've eaten while on the cleanse anyway. It tasted like a soy chocolate bar... different and not quite Cadbury's Fruit & Nut, but good nonetheless.

Then on Thursday afternoon, I was sitting in a post session at Condor, and as anyone in production will tell you - post production is where all diets fall apart. Because you're sitting in an edit suite for hours on end, they keep feeding you. Chips, biscuits, sweets, snacks, you name it; they've got it. The first thing with sugar (ie. sucrose) I ate off the cleanse were 2 chocolate chip cookies.

(At least I didn't polish off the whole plate as I would've done before. Still got to keep on eye on having too much sugar since I'm still slightly allergic to it).

Then at yesterday's brunch, I had a "Hazelnut & Chocolate Banana Flapjack Stack" at Buzz. OH. MY. GOODNESS. The pancakes themselves were chocolate pancakes, on top of this they smeared Nutella on them, and had grilled bananas and honey drizzled all over, topped off with powdered sugar on the top. Sugar & Carbo Loading heaven.

And er... as if this wasn't enough, yesterday afternoon I had a Cinnabon. The regular ones looked kinda scary (in the "keel over with a heart attack" scary kind of way), so I just had a mini Cinnabon instead.

What can I say... I was premenstrual? By the end of yesterday, I was feeling pretty ill with myself. But proud to report that I thoroughly enjoyed the sugar binge and obviously no longer a food freak. Heh.

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