Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ryvita & Almond-crusted Chicken Nuggets

What's a girl to do when the wind wreaks havoc?


Haha, I was naughty yesterday, I didn't practice yoga and my excuse is it's coz of the wind. It was too noisy and distracting and too many things were making too much noise I just couldn't concentrate (it was Full Moon too anyway). Instead, I decided to spend some time on dinner.

The recipe called for brown rice crumbs, but I decided to crush up some Ryvita crackers instead... they're starting to go a little bit soft and I don't like crackers that are not 100% crunchy. Since I wouldn't have finished them anyway, might as well grind them up to make into Chicken Nugget coating!

Close Up shot of the mixed dry ingredients:

The recipe calls for grilling in the oven, but I pan-fried them:

(This took too long though, next time I'll definitely put them on a baking tray like the recipe says. Except this time around I was roasting vegetables in the oven too and I didn't have an extra baking tray for the nuggets)

First batch of nuggets:

(I had to pan fry about 5 batches. Boring!)

Before serving, with roasted veggies:

Kelly says they're my best dish ever (but he hasn't tried the Chickpea Almond Veggie Burgers yet since he was away last week when I made them. Those are still the best yet I reckon). These nuggets are pretty tasty too, even without any salt in the recipe. Amazing! (of course I found it off the internet again.) Don't you just love the worldwideweb?

2 Boneless Chicken Breasts (4 halves)
1 cup of Brown Rice Breadcrumbs or Brown Rice Flour (I used crushed Ryvita Crackers)
1 cup of coarsely chopped Almonds
2 T of Dry Oregano
2 T of Garlic Powder (I used Garlic Paste, mixed together with the egg)
2 T of Dry Basil
1 stick of Unsalted melted Ghee (I used 1 egg instead)

Heat oven to 400F/ 200C and line two cookie sheets with aluminum foil.

Mix together all the dry ingredients in a shallow bowl. I ground the almonds to course pepper size by placing the almonds in a Ziploc bag and using the edge of my square casserole dish to pound them up (I really need a food processor or even a hand mixer!) Keep turning the bag and grinding. (It also counts as an aerobic workout.) Using this method stops them from just turning to powder like they would in a processor.

Place the melted butter or egg into another shallow bowl.

Cut the chicken into 1 inch chunks. Coat the chicken bites in butter or egg then roll in dry ingredients till coated.

Place them on the cookie sheets about 1 inch apart. Cook for 12 minutes - check doneness by cutting one of these babies in half and eating it. Enjoy!


  1. that actually looks quite good for healthy food! cant believe what a healthy lifestyle you're leading - but good for you. wish i had the willpower but alas im too attached to junk ;)

    love reading about your adventures! keep blogging xx

  2. Hey Gin! Thanks for your support.

    The thing is, in order not to get bored of "healthy" eating, or as they term it "The Candida Diet" (sounds so gross), I've got to find ways of making a restrictive diet more interesting, otherwise I'll just get bored of it too and pick up the next glazed donut. (Glazed donuts... mmmmm....)

    Just saw Chloe on Taitai Dreams - how BIG is she now?! Time's flying!

    Take care doll. xxx


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