Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dropback Mouth Wiggle

So a funny thing happened to me during yesterday's yoga practice while working on my dropback backbends against the wall. The full expression of the pose should look something like this:

With using the wall, my back's facing the wall so that my hands don't drop all the way to the floor - the wall acts as my security blanket so my hands land up on the wall instead of the floor. They end up on the wall between 2 - 5 inches off the floor, depending on how good a day it is.

So in the middle of the pose (at about 25 or 26sec where the dude is at), just as I took my last exhale while extending my arms above me, I noticed that my mouth/ lower jaw did this horrible mouth wiggle as I reached down for the floor. It was the weirdest, most unglamorous action. It was wiggling, almost like how you'd grind your teeth at night, but imagine your top and bottom teeth are slightly apart and not touching. Oh, and my mouth was also wide open. I couldn't keep it shut. Very uncool.

The next dropback I did, I was watching for it and AGAIN it happened! Tried to stop the lower jaw wiggle but I couldn't do it (it's like putting your jeans on but try putting the other leg in that doesn't usually go in first and see how weird that feels)... Can't believe I've not noticed it before, but I think this is something that's gonna keep bugging me now!!!

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