Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kineasiology: The Follow-Up Appointment

On Monday, I had my follow-up appointment with Dr. Anna Keating. It was Day 27 of the month-long detox cleanse she'd put me on and it was time to see how my body reacted to it.

Even though I was completely sick as a dog, laying in bed with a fever and cold chills from the gastric bug I'd caught over the weekend, I still hauled my ass off to Firdale Wellness Centre as her next available appointment would've been a month away in mid-December. I figured even if my energy levels were all over the place because of the illness, she could still help make me feel better anyway.

Before even going into the results of the follow-up appointment, I've got to say that even within the first few days of being on the cleanse I'd already felt much better... my day didn't revolve around how bloated my gut felt, so something must've been going right.

Sure enough, once she put the various vials on my belly again to test my reactions to various food components, everything was pretty much CLEAR! No more Candida! No more parasites! YAY! And it seems that I'm actually OK with cow's milk - in my first session I had a weak reaction to it, but it must've been because my system was filled with too many toxins.

The one thing she did test a slight weakness I have for is... SUGAR!!! My arm didn't go completely weak; it could still push back slightly against hers, but it was definitely a lot weaker than with all the other food reactions. Yeast on its own was completely OK, but the best part is when she put both yeast and sugar together, my arm just went completely limp. So I guess I should really be avoiding sugared breads, and not even mixing alcohol (which contains yeast) with dessert (which, of course, contains sugar). Good thing I'm physically allergic to alcohol and don't touch the stuff - at least I can still indulge in a bit of dessert every now and again!

The other thing that tested a bit weak were my blood-sugar levels. But I wasn't surprised about this - since I'd been ill, I hadn't been eating 6 smaller meals a day, and there's only so long you can keep going on Ryvita, brown rice and bananas. Interestingly, she said this correlates with my weakness for sugar, so someone like me needs to be aware, for example, if I feel like a coffee - is it really because I need a stimulant and not because I feel like the taste of coffee? If it's coz I need a pick-me-up, it's not really the coffee I'm craving, it's just my low blood-sugar level. I should perhaps take a mineral supplement like Chromium, which helps regulate the blood-sugar levels throughout the day, preventing spikes and crashes. Things that make you go... Hmmm... Pretty interesting stuff to think about. This is like an extension of yoga! The awareness comes through in every level of life.

The other thing that helped me was at the end of the session, Anna also helped massage out my sore tummy from all the gastric bug puking, helping to ease the tensed and knotted up insides. I don't need to see her again until maybe after the holidays early next year, when I'll probably need a "tune up" from holiday indulgence. She says if everything's clear then, we can also work on other issues since she does all kinds of other energy healing from the emotional to the physical too. Pretty rad. I mean, how cool is it to be a healer that's trained in nutrition, kineasiology and chiropractic? No hocus-pocus with this stuff!

The 30 days is officially over tomorrow, but I think I'm going to slowly ease back into "unhealthier" eating... Think I'm going to stay largely wheat-free, yeast-free and sugar-free, but it wouldn't hurt to have the occassional glazed donut now! I've been enjoying the baking, and since I still need to watch the sugar and yeast anyway, I might as well keep on baking. Got my eye on a lemon tart next (Yes, it's got a pre-baked crust from scratch. Still working up the courage to test that out. And gotta get me a rolling pin too!)

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