Sunday, November 16, 2008

Summer Hair Part 2: The Moustache

Every November at our office is "Movember" month. Basically, it's a competition to see which guy can grow the most glorious moustache within a month. What would possess any guy to do this? Charity, of course!

...unless you're any of these guys.

Every guy gets sponsored by any of the girls in the office. The guy puts in R20 to be part of the competition, and his sponsor(s) chip in R2 for every day he stays in the competition (yes, some guys buckle under facial hair pressure and bow out). All money collected goes to a children's home to help them out for Christmas.

The final prize? The guy with the best tache wins a case of beer, sponsored by one of our alcohol clients, and the sponsor wins a spa voucher. I dunno who's going to judge and how they'll make the final decision, but it's fun to see most of the guys in the office sporting 5 o'clock shadows in an attempt to stay in the race. (Back home, they'll probably have to keep the competition running for at least 2 months in order for the Chinese boys to grow anything decent!)

Of course I've sponsored Kelly, and when the other producers heard that he joined the competition, they all wanted to back him too since he's such a hairy ang moh. He's already got a beard anyway so it's a matter of how much more gloriously Taleban he can get it (we're just trying to figure out how we're gonna split the spa voucher if he wins).

A few days ago, he decided to shape it into a "proper" moustache by shaving off most of the beard, and this is what he looks like now:

SHOCKING! He's growing it into a Hulk Hogan!

I'm not sure if I should hold his hand anymore when we're walking down the street. Maybe I should walk on the other side of the street, far away from him as well. Everyone had a good laugh at his hillbilly look.

There's a weekly round-up with pictures of each competing guy's tache. This is what they've put up for Kelly:

If you want to see the full office round up, click here.

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