Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thank You!

I just wanted to thank EVERYONE for being so sweet and kind. Thank you for all your emails, comments on the last few posts, and also thank you for all who have sent messages via Twitter (condolences and birthday wishes alike). I have shared them all with Kelly, and he is also very touched. Friends and virtual strangers alike have shown such incredible love and support. Thank you.

It's interesting reading through the various comments... Maybe I should have mentioned that to me, birthdays aren't a big deal. I've never made a big fuss about them... maybe coz I don't like being reminded I'm growing older. HAHA! I'd already had a nice dinner with my own family in Singapore, so I honestly expected to be back in Amsterdam at work, on my own on my birthday and hadn't thought anything much to it. So although it was under really unfortunate circumstances, it was nice to have spent the day with my other family in Cape Town.

Kelly had organized an impromptu lunch with our friends for me, and we spent the evening with his mum who had also flown back from Auckland to be with the family during this time.

I couldn't have asked for a for a warmer birthday, surrounded by friends and family.

Here's a beautiful African sunset to share. These photos have not been enhanced, this is the actual colour.


  1. My goodness! those skies are REAL? then again, what is real?, that is beauuuuutiful! what vibrant pastels, amazing!

  2. Wow. Beautiful... like, my eyes teard up! Thanks for posting them.

    I'm the same with my birthday. Don't really care. But then my boyfriend is ALL about his birthday, so I have to switch gears when it's his time... ha ha!


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