Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Pull Through"

Kaivalya, aka The Reluctant Ashtangi, has just posted a video on chakrasana/ setu bandhasana.

As I liked the way this teacher explained the steps, I snooped around the other videos on this same workshop and found one on "Learning the pull through" - her instruction for jumpbacks. (I've never heard it called that before!)

I'm at the part where I'm at "take it up" as Sharath says, and clearing my feet through, but still tapping the top of my feet on the floor before jumping back. So it's nice to think about how to take it to the next step - rounding the shoulders and back.

But too bad the video stops there!!!

I was starting to do this before I left Sydney - rocking back and forth before jumping back, which kind of helps with the rounded action, but somehow I've forgotten to keep experimenting with this. This is a nice reminder.

The other thing is, I really like her explanation of keeping the energy/ prana/ chi pulled inwards. It adds another dimension to working the bandhas... Y'know, not just "engaging them" by contracting your muscles, but with the intention of keeping your energy focus pulled inwards so you're not all over the place energetically.

Who is she? She rocks!


  1. Oooo! Cool! I hadn't yet explored her other videos. Now I'm *really* wondering who she is...

  2. Okay, this was driving me CRAZY, so I put on my Google Brain and here is the Answer:

    Our awesome yoga lady is Diana Christinson of Pacific Ashtanga in Dana Point, CA. She was trained by Tim Miller and is authorised by Guruji!

  3. She gives such a lovely explanation! I love that she starts by telling people that it may take years. I know some people get it right away, but based on how many people I witness doing it, not many get it quickly. But man does it add a zing to your primary!

    I'm telling you, Jaime, think "somersault" when you're trying to pull through- the head really tucks under to counter the weight. It feels extreme at first but I found it a useful motion for learning. After feeling the motion and getting the body used to the counter weight, you can make it more subtle in time. It's such a fun thing to refine.

    Beige Heaven is counting on you.

  4. I haven't watched either video yet, but I think 'pull through' is an excellent name for it! I may start calling it that, as it drives me nuts when fairly experienced students land nicely behind their hands and just lift them off without even trying to pull through. When I show them how and they don't listen, I say things like 'only work on this if you actually want it to get easier one day!' :)

  5. AHA! Thanks Kai. Nice work, Batman!

    Liz - I remember what you told me before about tucking head in - but then where is drishti? I did this in Singapore, looking towards toes as I'm tucking in, but teacher James said my drishti should be ahead of me on the floor. (Maybe that's when I stopped tucking and rolling and conveniently "forgot" about it!)

    Nice reminder Susan - only work on this if you want it to get easier one day! :)

  6. Whip the drishti!

    Maybe think of it as a transition drishti? The tuck doesn't stay that severe once the motion is learned. Wish I wasn't too lazy, I'd do a vid for you. Too bad the teacher video was cut off when it was! She was about to dish out the goods!

    When you go back to your teacher, maybe she (he?) will have some tips that you can work with and not be scolded for drishti!

  7. ps- I also love how this teacher talks about keeping your energy in tight. There's something powerful about that.

    Susan always cracks me up with her teaching tales... "only try this if you actually want to IMPROVE". ha ha!! That's my interpretation.

  8. Gosh, THANK YOU for posting this video! So much good stuff in there and I love her explanation on pulling the energy 'inwards'. She's so good I found myself trying out her exercises while watching the video haha. I still have a long way to go in developing anything remotely related to a jumpback, so this video is really helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hey! Actually there is a Transitions Workshop Part 2 video - check it out!

    Good find though :)

  10. Nice one! Thanks for that, Svasti! (OMG! It's @yogachicky on twitter) Loving your latest blog post. x

  11. that explains why i seemed to recogniz the first two yoginis on the left side, and for certain the second one. boy these yoginis travel far for workshops.


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