Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Of Sinking Foundations, Provincial Dutch Transport & Wonder Woman

At first I thought this lopsided floor was tilted to the right. However, I think it's more on a diagonal incline than it is sinking to the right. Through a series of trial and error, wobbly balancing poses, how flat and straight I can get in Savasana... and also checking out the direction of the water level in my aromatherapy oil burner, I've figured out that rather than placing my mat in this position:

I'm on a much more "even" incline if I placed it in this position:

This way, all I have to worry about is tilting forwards or backwards in one direction ONLY, and not having to also deal with tilting to the right or left at the same time.


The living room is still the best place to practice coz of the openness I feel in it, so I'm trying to work with this tilted floor and not get all irritated and distracted by it. This helps! And I got another full practice in this evening, up to Laghu too. I finally got my dropbacks and standing-up-from-backbends back. 3 very nice ones today. Woohoo! (Oh man, I'm becoming an Amsterdammer now, with evening practice sessions instead of mornings).

Enough yoga talk for today. I've noticed here that there are modes of transport, and then there are modes of transport.

Over here, I've spotted some quaint, almost provincial kinds of modes of transport.

Of course there are cops on horse-back:

(This is through a small back alley, not a main road, so it was kind of weird.)

And you remember how everyone bicycles everywhere? Well, this is how parents transport children... It's like a giant basket in front of the bike. When I saw the first one, I thought it must've just been that special one. But... they're ALL OVER the place! I've seen up to 3 small children in one of these little buggies.

What happens when it rains? Here's a souped up version:

And right outside my apartment today, I saw the funniest sight. Of course this is how one transports a giant discoball to different places. Mr. Bean would be proud.

And speaking of provincial, check out Wonder Woman's transformation into her swimsuit! I like how when she dives into the "ocean", you can see the bottom of the swimming pool floor. Oh, I like her last *BOING* out of the water too. :)

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  1. WOWWW! Wonder Woman!! She's so awesome! She doesn't even need goggles! Her "boing" is quite spectacular indeed.

    The bicycles are so cool. And the disco ball... fantastic. I love that you took two shots!

    Glad you're figureing out your perfect practice spot in Beige Heaven.


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