Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Light My Fire

Work beckoned today. This week is one of the major milestones on this project I'm working on, with a big client presentation on Friday. This means: early morning start, with a late finish. This means: NO SHALA PRACTICE TODAY.

Ah, life. It really does get in the way of my yoga practice.

But because I finished late and was taking a slow stroll back from work today, I was in a bit more of reflective mood. Almost like I was in a walking meditation.

And while I was taking time to "smell the roses" as they say (or more like enjoying the window displays at night), I came across this BEAUTIFUL candle store. It was shut already, as all the stores were, but lit on the inside.

I walk past this candle store everyday to get to work but I've never seen it before. Yeah, an ENTIRE store of only candles. Mostly long candelabra type of candles of all kinds of lengths, widths, designs and for different purposes. Imagine that.


  1. I like that it looks like an olde worlde candle shop, not full of contemporary (read: white) plain ones like most places.
    So annoying when life gets in the way of yoga, hmm? :)

  2. hi Skippetty
    wow, only in Europe, eh?
    i think there was a similar store in a high rent shopping street in San Francisco, a street in which I worked. but they threw flowers in with the candle mix. this is impressive.

  3. What an awesome shop! Beautiful photo!

    Hope you get some time to practice in the coming days.

  4. (hey, i'd like to have that widget of most read posts. i think the most read post in my site is the one on the sound of the coqui frog. haha.)

  5. Yeah, it does have that oldskool, olde-worlde charm, you're right! Was trying to put my finger on it, it just felt quaint but I couldn't quite find the right words.

    And yes, this type of shop could only be found in Europe (and exist for an extended period of time too!)

  6. Wonder if you are aware of this workshop:

  7. Cool! Thanks for the heads up Roselil!


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