Saturday, March 13, 2010

Culture Vulture

I have what they term "museum fatigue". Er... and I've only been to TWO museums today! BAHAHAHAHA! Call me Miss Culture. Not.

I'm too spent to tell you about my day at the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, so will save that for tomorrow and instead share with you something on the other end of the culture scale.

This is just too funny (I keep rewinding to the part when he laughs around 01:40 and cracking myself up).

PS. Even though it's starting to warm up a little bit (high of about 6 degrees celsius), I'm getting a bit fed up of this cold so I'm toying with the idea of heading to a Bikram class tomorrow. Just not sure if I can handle the "teacher chatter" anymore... will let you know how I feel in the morning!


  1. Hey. I will watch the video tomorrow because it's late and I haven't the patience right now! That shows something about my attention span I guess, which leads into my point which is how can you feel bad for ONLY going to two museums in one day... well, we're familiar with the speed at which your life works, so silly question :) It took me SIX weekends in Amsterdam to make it to both... and I wasn't even stoned every time! :) They are both great though! But wow, I just get so much joy out of walking around that place and sipping coffees on terraces (summer)... there's just such a lovely peaceful vibe to it despite all the English stag parties, heroin addicts, and off-their-face people coming out of the Bulldog and Melkweg. I do so love that place, maybe it's my 1/16 Dutch blood!

    A little bikram can be so good... lots of backbends, and no upper body strength required.. hope you manage to make it and tune out the 'dialogue' :)

  2. Hi Skippetty
    wuff, what happened here? is this the the influence of Van Gogh? you did re-painting of the blog? hehe. it's auspicious, since red is auspicious for Chinese.

  3. OMG, that is so corny. at least he didn't need to expend some cerebrum electrons on memorizing words to a song. hahaha.

    yesterday i read that if mention your food cravings to certain grandmas in the States, they will tell you that based on their folk medicine knowledge, it means you're pregnant, regardless of what your western trained doctor says. haha.

    ay, i'm in a silly mood. need to practice a bit, and start packing for my move tomorrow.


  4. La la la la laaaaa...
    horrific!!!! I didn't make it to the end, but I did make it to the crazy laughing. Sometimes it looks like he's forgetting to lip sync!

    If you go to Bikram, there better be a full report (and maybe some sneaky pics?).

    Feel better soon!

  5. Hey Susan - did you live here before too? Or was that 6 separate weekends on different trips to Amsterdam? Haha. This place is pretty isn't it?

    Arturo - it looks red on your computer? At the office, it looks like an orangey-pink. At home, it looks like a pink-PINK... so it's supposed to be a shade somewhere in the pink tone. :p Food cravings = pregnancy, funny... I seem to recall that somewhere in Chinese old wives' tales too.

    Liz - he's totally forgetting the words to lip-sync at some points (!!!) Especially at the end. I didn't watch the entire thing, just whizzed through bits - but at the end it looks like he can't wait to get outta there and is forgetting the mouth shape to make. Haha.

  6. Six separate weekends, spread over about 20 years!! OK, I think I've been to both those museums more than once. I love Dutch art.

    I am about due for another visit, actually, wow it's been about 6-7 years???

  7. Lemm know if/ when you're in this part of town! ;)


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