Friday, March 12, 2010

My Home Practice Space

This is what it looks like in the living room, once I pull the coffee table away.

It works well while I'm "making do" without a shala/ daily teacher *WHINE, WHINE, WHINE*


I was beginning to suspect that the floor is uneven. As in: this floor slopes off to the right.

A few times now in Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana, after I've swung the leg out to the side, I've tipped over to the right. And this happens on BOTH sides, whether I'm swinging the right or left leg out to their individual sides, I some how end up tipping over and losing balance to the right.

Now, my balance isn't exactly the greatest, but this definitely felt like something beyond my balance/ bandha control. But I thought maybe I was imagining things and making excuses.

Sure enough, when I bought an aromatherapy oil burner and poured water into it, the water level sloped off to the right side. It was very obvious with the water level.


Balancing problem solved. I will now experiment with facing either my front or back towards the sloping side in UHP and see how that feels. This Beige Heaven apartment cracks me up.


  1. Ooooh! Hello new background! Is this to counteract beige heaven? ;)

  2. Haha! Today is obviously slow day at the office = playing around with new Blogger templates. ...and come to think of it, this was probably inspired by Beige Heaven (the post background is suspiciously beige, innit). You likey?

  3. That's hilarious, Mel... the new background is to counteract the Beige Heaven. Pink trumps anything that's put with it- so don't be trying to convince us there's anything beige about this template!!

    Laughed about the slope because our shala is slopey. I don't feel it so much but others act as if they're practicing on a steep incline. I'm either very, very well balanced, or have zero sensitivity because I can't tell...

  4. Woah. I'm back on my home computer now and this new template looks REALLY pink. In the office it looked more like a... er... beige-y pink. (HOLY SMOKES! Beige Heaven is infiltrating my subconscious design choices!) Hmm... still deciding if I like it this pink.

    Liz - it's funny coz it's only in UHP that I felt off, not in any other pose, so I wrote it off as "one of those days" but lo & behold, maybe it wasn't! :p

  5. I like the pink!

    Yeah, floors are slopey in Amsterday because the whole thing is basically built on water and sinking to various degrees, as is charmingly obviously walking down the street and seeing all those lovely tall crooked houses! Would be funny if you got used to it and then once on level ground always tipped to the left :)

  6. Good point! Eek, it's weird to think of the place you're living in as sinking, but you're right... it's all below sea level and sinking innit. Next time I tip over in UHP, I'm gonna yell out "TIMBER!"

  7. Haha! Yeah, don't think about it :)

    Amsterday?? oops.

  8. hi Skippetty
    well, considering that most of Amsterdam is built on water, maybe the slope to the side is so that any water seeping will find the way to the floor drain. maybe it's on purpose. haha. i know that behind those walls you see there is a big gap for water moisture buildup to flow down the wall, in between the inside finish side and the structural wall supporting the floor above.


  9. Whoa. I can't quite picture how that works, but will take your word for it. Sometimes there are weird creaking noises (at night). I prefer to stop my imagination by thinking it's just the pipes. Or radiator. Or maybe moisture buildup flowing down that wall.


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