Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

I counted that I've got 5 mirrors in Beige Heaven. But none of them are full-length mirrors.

This means that trying to check if what I've thrown on before leaving the house looks marginally presentable from top-to-toe is a bee-atch. It's kind of funny what I end up doing, so I thought I'd show you.

This is the hallway mirror (the one that should really be a full-length mirror).

Then there's the mirror by the dresser in the bedroom.

Then there's the bathroom mirror.

Then there's the mirror in the kitchen. I was a tad perplexed when I first saw this random mirror in the kitchen (behind the sink)... but then I soon realized since the kitchen sink is the only sink in the house, this is probably why the landlord placed this mirror there (y'know, for when you brush your teeth or something. I wouldn't know... I've become a brush-teeth-in-the-shower kind of girl. I still find it weird doing this. But it would be weirder to brush my teeth in the kitchen sink!)

This is the mirror in the living room.

As you can see... With these 5 mirrors, it's fine for me to check everything from head to waist.

So what happens when I wanna check how I look all the way down to my shoes?

I end up having to stand on the couch (the one in the picture above), to get a better view. This is what it ends up looking like:

(Yes, that's my black mat in the corner. I just leave it there instead of rolling it up and putting the coffee table back where it should be).

...I still can't see what the outfit looks like with shoes on! HAHAHA.

I was checking out what my new blazer looks like. It was pay-day this week so I thought I'd treat myself. Also coz I'm living on a suitcase's worth of clothes, I'm getting a bit bored of my super-small wardrobe selection.

I took an extra close-up shot especially for Liz, coz I know how much she likes buttons of all kinds. :)


  1. I looooove the jacket! I want one! I have to do similar in my flat too though, I can't get far enough away from the full-length-ish mirror so end up doing a weird amalgamation of seeing the bottom half in one mirror & top half in another...glad it's not just me!

  2. How do you know me so well!! ha ha! I was totally trying to get a closer look!

    I love buttons. I like them all over that crazy jacket, and I love the bit stitching!

    Beige Heaven is more intriguing every day.

  3. you are the fairest of them all Skippetty :-)

  4. HAHAHA! Mel - we have a case of frankensteinianmirrors.

    Liz - hehe, thought you would appreciate the closer look! No idea what "bit stitching" actually is, but I kinda get the idea. :)

    Claudia - BAHAHAHA! Good joke, you're sharp!


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