Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Planning a Post-Saraswati Practice Reward!

2 posts in 1 day! Golly gee, me!

I forgot to add earlier that today, Saraswati was pimpin' in a pair of bright yellow trackpants with super-phat Adidas 3-stripes running down the sides. WORD.

I am already planning my post-Saraswati reward and was so excited I had to write about it (and did anyone mention it's a slow day at the office?)

So, this is how my mind works... she started teaching on Monday, and will teach led classes on Saturday & Sunday, so if Wednesday next week is when she's leaving... that means I'll have 9 days of practice in a row. Phew!

Since Wednesday is also a moon day break which coincides nicely with her departure, what better way to reward myself than with... a detox cleanse on my system?

Don't ask stupid questions, you already know I'm a bit loony. So in my world, a detox cleanse is the perfect way to wrap up a solid month of awesome new yoga experiences.

Enter Urban Remedy. A brand new company I've just discovered through Twitter. They're so shiny and new, the wrapping's barely come off but what an AWESOME business idea! In a nutshell, they bring the detox drinks to you - all carefully measured out, chopped up, juiced and delivered to your doorstep. Easy peasy!

I've been following the founder of the company, @emmas_well, who's also been following me, and then I discovered her new company. Don't you just love Twitter?

I dunno if you've ever done a detox before, but I've done a couple. First one was about 4 years ago in Ko Samui, Thailand - I got a pretty hardcore introduction to the world of detoxing by way of a 7-day fast with 2 colonics everyday for the full 7 days (yes, that's shoving that plastic tube up your bum and... y'know... if you've watched "Spa of Embarassing Illnesses", it's exactly like that).

I wasn't blogging then or you would definitely have gotten the full rundown. MUCOID PLAQUE and all (Go on... Google that... You know you want to.)

I came home glowing and healthy-shiny that even my boyfriend has now been asking every year when I'm going back again coz he also wants to go too. (I asked him on that first trip if he wanted to come with but he looked at me like I was mad. I mean, y'know... Straight guys and tubes up bums isn't exactly the best combo. Come to think of it, neither is straight girls and tubes... but I'll stop here before I dig myself deeper into this.)

Then you might have remembered the Candida & Parasite detox my Kinesiologist put me on. (Can I please reiterate that it was a fungus in my gut and NOT, I repeat, NOT thrush in my privates). That was a way less invasive detox and a lot gentler on the digestive system... although it was a good month where I had to cut out ALL sugar, wheat, yeast and fungus... including everything and anything that was preserved in case it had fungus in it. Which is pretty much everything that comes in a bottle. If you read labels, you'll be horrified. This detox really made me think about the concept of "you are what you eat".

I would do the occasional 1-day fruit only diet if it felt like my digestive system needed a bit of a break. Not quite a "detox" but more of a "digestive system rest". Some of my friends back home in Singapore would periodically go on some kind of juice detox, *waves to Sam & Pam* but it just always seemed like SUCH A MISSION to me... to have to get all the "weird" ingredients together, measure them all up, buy a juicer and then do different ingredient combos at different times of the day, etc. Who's got time for that when we've all got lives to live?!

So this is the deal with Urban Remedy and why I think it's such a great idea.

You go online, pick between a 1, 3 or 5 day cleanse, and you pick the level of cleanse you want.

They deliver the detox drinks to you the night before (it's 6 detox drinks you get per day), and Boom! Bob's your uncle. All at the click of a mouse. So if you're a healthy-living but lazy Sydneysider like me, listen up! ;p

They start their service proper from Dec. 7th, but I'm lucky to be on a trial cleanse while they work out details before they open (for cool people like me only) (JUST JOKING). I am in no way affiliated to the company, but thought it would be fun to give daily updates of the entire experience. Including the whole pre and post detox prep and what life is like without food for 3 days, only surviving on the detox drinks, lots of water and occasional trips to the steam room to amp up the cleanse. I'd like to see how this can fit into real life during a work week too! I mean, I love to write, you love to read what I write... so... away we go.

I've signed up for a 3-day Level 3 cleanse and will start the day after Saraswati leaves - that's Wednesday next week. And on the moon day, so at least I give my body a day of rest to adjust. I can't wait!!

I am by no means an expert with detox info, but know enough about its cleansing effects through first-hand experience. If you want to know more, you probably should read their FAQs or ask them on Twitter, @urban_remedy. Coz I repeat: I AM NOT AN EXPERT!!

So look out for more detox updates coming your way! :)


  1. hi Skippety
    i don't know if i could share the same excitement about the insta-connectedness of twitter. it might freak me out to have so many demands on my attention. but anyhow, i don't have to worry for now, since over in these parts it's not permitted.

    how fantastic that you have gotten to practice with such great teachers within a short amount of time - and it appears that it will have been for a space of a month.


  2. Hey Arturo! There are LOTS of yogadorks on Twitter, so there's a whole other twittershala thing going on over THERE! (er, seriously... there's a yoga book club and all that sprung from twitter chats). But you're right. Sometimes, it's also too much information - you can just choose when you want to "plug in" to it though. :)

  3. This seems like a really good business idea. I hope they do well. I'm tempted to do it too. How to decide the duration? I can figure out the Level, but how many days? Maybe the middle-road 3 days is good enough.

  4. I hope they do well too! Which is why I'm giving them my support! I was in 2 minds about 3 days vs. 5 days as well, but Emma, the owner of the company recommended I start with 3 days since they're designed to fit around your life with the least amount of interruption. After seeing how the 3 days goes, I would LOVE to do the 5 days too at some point!

    BUT... why don't you email her and ask? (it helps if she knows your health/diet/exercise/daily routine background as well)

    There's an enquiry form on the site - she's really quick to respond. Good luck! Lemme know what you decide to do! (we can compare detox notes) heh. x

  5. Hi AN% - It's Emma from Urban Remedy. Check out the website - or give me a call on 02 9290 6805 or email and I can help you decide the best cleanse for you.

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