Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Plus Plus Plus = Minus

Saturday + Ladies day + Moon day = 3 rest days in a row = Today's practice was SHIT.

So stiff today. My right knee, the one with the torn ACL was hurting in all forms of the standing & seated lotuses.

Maybe I had too much sugar yesterday (someone once said sugar makes you stiff). Umm... I'll believe any kind of yogic superstition. Not that that really counts as a superstition.

I had 11 days of glorious practice in a row! My body got over that achey and stiff phase! Now it feels like I've gotta go back and do it all over again. (I'm beginning to see why Grimmly's so hardcore dedicated to his practice now).

It just feels like all that hard work has been reversed so quickly. UGH. (Yes yes, non-attachment can kiss my asana today).


  1. But the cool thing is, when you get back to practice, it's often even better because your body was able to rest.

    Enjoy your 'days off' and take care! :-)

  2. That's so true... but I think the "optimum" rest time (for me at least) is 1 day. I usually feel like the body's recharged and ready to go again. With 2 days rest, I still feel energized, but it starts to feel a little squeaky in the joints and flexibility. 3 days? Blechhhh. But maybe it's the remnants of this new moon energy...

  3. I think you'll be back to where you left off soon enough, probably tomorrow. Know exactly what you mean and think one slugish practice will be all you pass through as your body unravels. I imagine you'll soon be back to where you left off and with the benefit of rest. I love the way each day is different though, who knows what will happen when we unroll our mat.

  4. That's right Helen, each day is different - it is what it is. I have to keep reminding myself of this. :)


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