Thursday, November 19, 2009

Coffee, Yes Please!

I think it's interesting how most yogis are pretty into their coffee.

I came across this blog of another lady who'd been in Sydney for Sharath's workshop, and I love how he told her "No coffee - No prana!"

Here's proof! (The picture was taken by yours truly) :p

I took a couple of workshops with Mark Whitwell earlier this year, and an assistant brought in his morning latte. Someone exclaimed that they were surprised he drank coffee. And Mark chirped "Even Krishnamacharya drank 5 cups of coffee a day!"

So yogis... be guilt-free and drink up! (In moderation of course... I still think 5 cups a day like The Great K is a wee bit too much caffeine!)

I've also recently bought myself a travel mug... was starting to feel guilty about all the disposable cups I've been throwing away everyday with my daily morning order of "One double-shot soy flat-white, please!"

I actually lug this around with me in my bag wherever I go now, and am surprised by how many local joints don't bat an eyelid when I pull this out with my order. Yay! I'm a Planeteer! (...maybe those Captain Planet cartoons did have an effect on me afterall.)

The up side to this... I use this same mug for holding my daily intake of water at the office (with refills, of course). I like drinking hot water - no, I'm not a freak. It's a Chinese thing, where the belief is it's better on your system than cold water is. So this mug helps retain heat a lot better than a regular mug does.

Also, even though I wash it thoroughly after my morning cuppa, it still gives my water a subtle coffee flavour too! Caffeine-infused water. Mmmmmmm. (Wasn't that all the rage in the US a few years ago? Now you can DIY it, like me.) :)

Maybe that's what's keeping me up at night. I went to bed really late last night and didn't have very good sleep at all. Hence, I was useless when the alarm rang for practice this morning and I was glued to the bed.

Oops. Maybe too much coffee/ coffee-infused water isn't good for you (and your practice) after all.


  1. I've always loved my coffee and usually have 3-4 cups a day (hang on, how many cups in a Venti?)...

    My question is, why do some yogi/ni (s) feel guilty about drinking coffee? If it's because of the caffeine, we practice and so we have our way to get impurities out of our bodies, right? I'd say Enjoy a cuppa! =)

  2. I suppose it's coz it's a stimulant and a diuretic... and if the whole point is to maintain "balance"... then a kick-in-the-pants stimulant isn't recommended. But I agree with you! (I'm now drinking my coffee-infused hot water). :)

  3. Haha!! That was me ("the girl" referred to in the other blog) who asked Sharath at the breakfast, "Sharath, is coffee good or bad for you?" Sharath paused, giggled a little bit, and said "No coffee, no prana". That would have been just before or just after the photo was taken. I cracked up laughing and said that was fabulous and that we needed the t-shirt. Sharath laughed again and said "Yes. We did print one once." Too funny.

    I am definitely a fan of the coffee. I only have one large cap per day, occasionally two. I have had the homemade coffee-flavoured water, too, and it's not bad!

  4. I am the girl from the other blog, and it was not I who asked him - as I know he drinks coffee, as did Guruji - who I believe coined the phrase - "no coffee - no prana" - and it's true. I too over heard some woman ask - I think in shock. But everything in moderation. I always have a ristretto pre practice - it is the first pour - quite sweet not too much caffeine as there is not enough time for the water to penetrate the grind - or so I am led to believe. Hey it works for me - mind you in Sydney I had to wait til post practice, being a Melbourne chick I didn't bring my machine. Great week though!
    I only drink one other coffee for the day - usually around 11am - then that is it - otherwise no sleep!

  5. Hey Pauline! Oops! Didn't read your post carefully, thought you had asked the question. It must've been AN%!

    Coffee Drinkers Unite. :)

  6. hilarious...
    I love coffee. Just started drinking it 6 years ago! I have a cup a day, in the morning. I love the ritual (grinding beans, hearing the coffee pot, adding the cream and sugar- okay, stevia, but whatever). yummy.

  7. You JUST started drinking it 6yrs ago? What do you mean?! Why didn't your mama give it to you straight from the bottle? ;) Were you consciously avoiding it or just never had the urge to? Wow, all those years of missing out!

  8. I know! I'm a late bloomer sometimes! I wasn't avoiding it, I just didn't know what I was missing. I was preparing for a big show and needed to fuel myself with stimulants instead of sleep. I discovered that I could make coffee like a dessert and a new habit was born.

    I can go without it, though. I just like the taste and the ritual of making it!

  9. HA HA HA, it makes me laugh how you call him "the great K", and yes coffee rules, now no more guilt


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