Friday, October 22, 2010

To Call Or Not To Call?

It has been pointed out recently off-blog that I'm a RULE FOLLOWER! (Thanks, Liz!) ;p

Well... Yes. What do you expect. I'm from Singapore and I practice Ashtanga. Plus, I'm Asian. TRIPLE BAM!

So it has suddenly occurred to me that the Indian Embassy here hasn't contacted me yet about my visa application for Mysore.

If you recall from this post, they pretty much told me "Don't call us, we'll call you."

Actually, this is exactly what I'd written that the Embassy Lady had said:
"Once you hand in your application, if we need more documents from you, we will call you to let you know, then you can come back with them only AFTER we've contacted you. Please do NOT call us until we've called you. It can take 1 to 2 weeks."

Dudes. That was TWO Fridays ago. It has been EXACTLY 2 weeks and 1 day.

So... what should I do - just call them now anyway and irritate the bejeezus out of them? ...Or continue waiting patiently (even though I suspect they're a bit more disorganized than they let on and may need a gentle-reminder-in-the-form-of-a-kick-up-their-bums about my case?)

See? I follow the rules. If someone else lays down the rules (ie: YOU, INDIAN EMBASSY!) and doesn't stick to it (Where's my phone call?!) ...Then what's a girl to do but call them up to check on them.




  1. Yes, I would absolutely call them... of course!

  2. I say call. I'm a rule follower too, but if the rule giver isn't following their own rule, then you trump their rule. This is where bossiness and rule following converge.

    No doubt they're unorganized!

  3. They're INDIAN. You should call. (My stepdaughter had to bribe the postal worker when she was there so that they would actually mail her package! True story. She was thrilled to have her first experience bribing a government official.)

  4. Call, especially if you left your passport with them.

  5. Dear Jaime
    A call is OK. You can have a sweet voice when calling :)

  6. OK - All votes are in! I shall call them on Monday afternoon. I have a 1-hour window between 4-5pm when they take calls so the alarm is set!
    (Kev: Don't worry, I didn't leave my passport with them! If I did, I would've been on the phone right away!)


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