Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saraswati: Day 3

The last rumour I heard was that she's here till Wednesday next week. (Coz if she's here for a total of 2 weeks, and arrived a few days before the opening... by the powers of deduction vested in me... that means she'll only be here for another week). Or so "they" say.

BUT! I can confirm that she will be teaching the morning LED class on Saturday at 10am and again on Sunday at 10.30am. (Gawd, I know I'm gonna regret broadcasting this when I'm squished up by the wall at the weekend... but always share a good thing, right?)

I got an assist in UHP today - I love going deeper in this pose, and love it when someone cranks my legs higher too. But either I'm breathing really slowly (it's all Sharath's fault!) or Saraswati got bored with me and was in a hurry to move on coz each variation was only held for about 3 breaths.

You know how messing with my breathing messes with my head, right?

Today's Kurmasana assist was from Sharmila - my first assist from her. She's so gentle! Almost like she was afraid to crank me into the bind in case she broke me. I guess coz she doesn't know me/ my body yet.

I was midway TRYING to get into Supta K when she came and hovered around me and gently pulled my hands together. But it was a gentle tug and my fingers were nowhere near touching, then she went and shuffled my feet together, again gently placing them by... my ears. I was like... "HUH?! No, GO HARDER, Hun!" (those damn voices in my head) So in the end, I was still huffing and puffing to get both hands & feet together.

Oh man. I can't wait for the day I finally get this bind on my own. I'm sure YOU can't wait either so you can finally stop hearing me whine about it.

So I said to her out loud "Let's try again!" and flopped back down to Kurmasana. (On hindsight now - was that rude of me to have done that?) I just figured that because I wasn't in full Kurmasana when she came round the first time, maybe she couldn't get the bind right coz I had screwed it up with my awkward fussing around on my own. But a similar thing happened still. I think she was just hesitant to go any harder coz she didn't know me and what the heck I was trying to do!!

I seem to be obsessing over Supta K and Dropbacks now. These are the 2 poses in Primary that I AM GOING TO GET!! (Christmas, pls. come early!) Or, on a more positive note... the way I'd like to see it is that these are the 2 things standing in the way of me finally "properly" getting to the Intermediate series. I mean, the rest of my Primary is fine, really. There I said it. Oh, Hello Ego! Nice to be acquainted with you.

That's probably why I'm still struggling with them. This stupidstupidstupid wanting to be moved on. S.I.G.H.

I'm cranky today, can you tell. Again, I had too much coffee-infused water from my travel mug yesterday and couldn't get to sleep properly. I was ready to skip inversions and have a full-on sleep during Savasana, but I soldiered on (in a lame-ass way).

I got a good laugh from this cartoon from The Oatmeal, though. (Yes, it's MORE Twilight-bashing. I still wanna watch New Moon even though I know it's gonna be bad. I can't help it. Edward Cullen's HAWT. And it'll be so bad till it's good!)

(Cartoon credit here. And this cartoon is really worth the read!)

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