Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What The Eff?!

I need to stop eating choy sum for dinner. I can't digest it properly and then it totally affects my practice the next day. The same thing happened during the first week with Sharath after a choy sum dinner. And today, all those twists were torture. I'd like to think that's why I couldn't find my fingers again in Supta Kurmasana today. Boo.

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"What the EFF?"

I say that a lot only because it's a phrase I picked up from these guys and it makes me laugh every time. I love these spoofs to death. They're really old but they're classic. Enjoy!


  1. I need to be working, so I'm skipping the videos and only reading the entry!

    Now, first let me admit that I'm an afternoon practitioner... I stay up till 2-3am, sleep in, get up, work, eat around 1, practice at 4:30. And I rarely feel any of the food- unless I eat at 2 or later (doomed if I do that). So I've never understood how dinner, supposedly 8-10 hours before an early morning practice, can still feel so heavy. Is it different? Explain please! I'm confused!

    But anyway, yeah, lay of the choy sum if it's not agreeing with the twists!

  2. Exactly Liz. What the Eff?!
    Haha. I don't get it either. But it's happened twice now, so maybe there's something to it... maybe it's erm... fibrous and harder to digest? Maybe I sleep about a couple hours after having dinner so it doesn't really digest while I'm sleeping? (Seriously, I'm in bed by 9.30 or 10pm these days) The first time it happened I thought it was all in my mind, but I felt it every time in forward bends and twists. So... I dunno what's going on. A friend who's been on a raw food diet and off sugar says any time she has sugar the night before, the next morning's practice is considerably stiffer (and she's been more tuned in since going raw). Hmm.

    Pls. watch those videos when you get the chance, I think you'll find them funny too! ;p

  3. ooohh, love choi sum and bakchoy - but you may be right that it takes longer to digest. maybe just have it for lunch instead.

    i used to have it for dinner lots before but never really noticed an effect in my practice though.

  4. hi Skippety
    yay, i can comment on this new version. i consume a probiotic digestif drink that helps digest difficult foods (cabbage, onions, dairy) and experience no problems. but if your diet is high on vegetables, they do cause grumble, since not all is digested fully and fiber sometimes produces intestinal gas.

  5. Yay Arturo, glad it works for you now! ARTURO!! Are you suggesting I'm full of FARTS?!? (as they say in Mandarin: FANG PI!) No, us ladies never fart and we never poo. Maybe only once a year when we make a trek out to the desert for one long fart, but that's it. Anyways, I'm pretty sure it's undigested stuff I felt in my belly, not... GAS! Good point about the probiotics, I should do more of those (does Yakult count?) :)


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