Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Look!

I was getting bored of pink on black. Plus, it's really hard to read pink on black. Didn't realize this since my Google Reader feed is black on white. Which is so much easier on the eye.

So... what do you think? I'm still playing around with this new look, but I quite like what this is like now. (I've saved the old template just in case I fall out of love with this one).

:) :) :)

*UPDATE* (because it's clearly a slow-ish day in the office)
Through Twitter and blog comments, people seem to think the black text on white is too "stark". Hmm. I can't decide. I've now made the background a light grey. I'm not sure though.

Here's what the white background looked like:


  1. Oh - yes the pink on black was hard to read - but it was much more dramatic - I loved it - made one concentrate harder or something! Not sure about this one - it seems a little more clinical.

  2. I liked the old one! But perhaps it's just a question of habit.

  3. Hi there. I reckon the light background is indeed good for reading; however, perhaps you could soften it up a little with a tinted background. Just an idea.

    How's the New Shala going?

  4. Hi guys! Thanks for your feedback. It seems split on Twitter comments... those yogadorks like the black text on white. So I've played around with it again and now here's a light grey background.

    Hmm... still thinking about it. I obviously have too much time on my hands!

  5. I like it, possibly a little busy with the side bar the same as the main body? I like tinted backgrounds, the white backgrounds can burn your eyes on the itouch/ipod.

    what are we like, i spent ages fiddling around with my last change and still not sure I'm happy with it.

  6. Hey Grimm! I like your new look. It's fresh and easy on the eye. Yeah... this is what happens on the way to enlightenment - heightened awareness which leads to noticing the smallest details and then it all unravels coz now we're sweating the small stuff. Haha. I kinda like this lighter grey background now. Might change the link colours on the side bar. Hmm...


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