Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another Monday...

Nothing much to report today on the practice front, except there was a new teacher's assistant today. Well, she's helped to adjust there before, but hasn't for a while, so was new to me. But I had the most awesome adjust in Mari A from her today (what's the blogging etiquette - do I say her name or not?) I usually get my chin down to the shin, and today I have no idea what she was doing, but she managed to get so much more length in my stretch that even my entire belly was resting on my thigh, and my chin got many more inches forward. I felt such a good lengthening in the pose!

I think these dropbacks are definitely MINE now. Heh. Did 3 today (and solo standing up too! ...but still dancing that jig at the top of the mat though)... but I locked my elbows too much on one of the dropbacks, so the inside of my left elbow (where that bone juts out) feels a little bruised and sore now. Oops. At least I didn't break my arms like I always thought I would.

After yesterday's massive yum cha session (BLERGHHH), I've decided to start prepping for Wednesday's detox. You don't HAVE to do it, but feck it, I wanna get maximum benefit from it right? So as recommended on Urban Remedy's "pre-cleanse" page, I'm cutting out coffee from today. YIKES!!! ...I'm already struggling this morning with trying to pump out this post, sans coffee.

Confession: I still brought my travel mug in my bag today for "just in case" I decide to tear out the door and run to my local joint IF I *need* that cuppa. (I've told myself it's still 2 days to the cleanse, I can still get a single-shot instead of my regular double-shot!) I'm a Producer, I always have to have a Plan B. :)

I'm also increasing the raw food intake from today and cutting out all refined carbs like bread - that's the stuff that will create mucous in your digestive tract. Gross. I've been doing salads for dinners for the past week or 2 so far already, so will keep it raw for lunch from today onwards too. Wish me luck. (I've got my stash of raw nuts & dried dates in my office drawer too... so I think I'll be OK).

Happy Monday!


  1. *cough* nocoffeenoprana *cough*

    No way would I ditch that one cup a day of mine. Sometimes I go to sleep looking forward to that black gold. Sad.

  2. NICE ONE! ...stop being the devil, you! ;p Well, I'm looking at this like I'm hitting the reset button on my prana. Er, or something like that. It's a few days, it won't kill me! On that last Candida detox (remember, it was fungus in the gut!) I had to cut out coffee for a whole month! And survived. In fact, even after the month was up, I continued without coffee... (yes, I counted)... 44 days! (that's 4 days longer than Jesus was in the desert. heh)

    1.36pm, still no coffee. Not doing too bad, but I think I feel a headache coming on. Oh, poor me.

  3. ;P - couldn't resist!

    Actually, I'm impressed cos I know I couldn't do it. It's the headache that gets me - I can't stand headaches. Thankfully, I don't get them often.

    Fungus in the gut, mmmmmm. I know I should cut way back on starch and sugar, too. Maybe I'll take a leaf from that book. Is rye bread OK?

    Good luck - curious to hear about it!

  4. Only if it has absolutely no yeast & wheat in it. I bought a special loaf from a health store that made yeast-free,wheat-free rye bread specifically for people on Candida diets (it's very dense). Haven't been on the lookout for it since we moved here. I thought it was IBS until I went to the Kinesiologist who said it wasn't.

    Recipes on this site saved me while I was on that cleanse!

  5. PS. whenever you're on a detox and you get headaches, that's actually a good sign, coz that means the toxins are flowing through your system rather than getting stuck in places. (or maybe that's just a conspiracy theory to make you believe you're doing yourself a favour so you'll stick to it. ha.)

  6. blogging ettiquete in reference to a teacher. i don't know. i would imagine you can mention the name once to establish who you are talking about, then refer to the teacher in the abstract afterwards. that would apply to a well known teacher. if it is your daily practice teacher in the shala, you can invent a nickname, or not. it's up to you. you have to gauge how the teacher feels about their name being use. it's not something you ask them, it's something you intuit. those are my two cents worth. i usually invent names for my teachers. in one case i asked persmission and my teacher loved it. in another i didn't ask permission.

  7. Yeah, I love your nicknames for your teachers! I think I will just leave it vague most of the way. Nice to hear your opinion though! x :)


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