Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Crowning Glory

Since there's been a slew of yoga posts so far, the rest of my friends and family are probably bored to tears. This did start off as a blog documenting our move to South Africa and then Australia, after all! (Too bad if you're bored, you can just unsubscribe if you're not interested in my path to enlightenment!) :p

So here's a little frivolous update on what I've done with my hair.

If you've known me a while, you'll know HAIR is a big thing with me. It's been all kinds of shades, it's been short and... for lack of a better word, "funky" (ugh, I hate that word). I found my soul-stylist with David at Toni & Guy back home and was his muse for like... erm... 12 years or something?

I've done hair shows and seminars for him and been his handy back-up if any of the other hair models bailed on him last minute (even though I'm so past my sell-by date, next to all the young and fresh teenyboppers!) So yeah, I went through hairstyles like changing underpants. Or how does that stupid saying go again?!

At the start of this year, I decided I was finally going to grow my hair out (again). I've never been able to get it past my shoulders. So every few months I try to grow it out (again). This time, I've been fairly successful.

What's with women and their hair, anyway? Sure, it's JUST HAIR... but... it's also so much more. I can't begin to tell you how stressful it is moving to a new place and trying to find a stylist that you click with. Coz if it goes wrong, it'll be DOOM & GLOOM for the next couple months of your life. I think that anxiety is completely valid. I am vain.

But I think I've finally found someone here I will definitely go back to again.

Presenting my new cut and colour. I've gone darker on top, with lighter bits at the bottom.

Didn't have my proper camera with me, but I had to take a picture of the spaceship look.

And yes, I've given up on trying to grow those bangs out. I'm trying to grasp onto any kind of an "edge" while growing the rest of the hair out (even though blunt bangs are so common now and are soooooo 3 years ago. I DON'T CARE.)

The moment before possible regret.

I actually quite like this new look. All spruced up and taken on my "proper" camera at home. :)

PS. Like my Mr. T gold chains?


  1. I'm way behind on your blog- will return soon for the "boring yoga posts"!- but...
    That cut is awesome! Love the color! It's very flattering. But more importantly, is it easy to pin up for yoga? HA!

  2. Thanks Lizzie! I proclaim you my #1 fan (after my mum). :p Ladies' yesterday, moon day today. So will let you know the "pin up" situation after tomorrow's practice. I will probably try it without pins since these were annoying the hell out of me recently in setu bandhasana & sirsasana. Don't laugh, these things are important!!

  3. I LOVE it!!! I think the colour works magic with the cut too! So glad you found a stylist you like. it's so aggravating dealing with bad stylists, man. Enjoy :)

  4. Lil... ees my lil francophile friend, oui? We've been sistas in follicle-fury, non? MERCI! Glad it worked out this time. Seriously - when you spot someone with hair you like in the street, stop them and ask who they went to! It worked for me. :p

  5. oh, I'm not laughing- I have battled many a hair pin or band! It's not fun having it dig into your head! But I'm crazy about getting all my hair pinned back. Can't stand any tiny wisp! Ha!

  6. Glad to report that I didn't pin up the bangs in this morning's practice, though I'm with you about the OCD-no-stray-hairs behaviour... and it works! Didn't have to fuss with hairclips poking me today. :)

  7. what a cheeky hairstyle ......... I love it and love that each time I check in to skippety there has been so much that you have been doing. Our kiwi newspapers did print a pic of all the towels but I didn't know that you had been involved - GOOD ON YOU! Hope the bangs don't hit the mat before the hands. Gx


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