Monday, January 17, 2011

Sanskrit & Frustration

We had lunch with Swamiji today! It was a HOOT! BUT... It's 7.40pm and I'm flat-out knackered. Time to hit the sack in a bit. So... pictures and a Swamiji lunch update to come later (it's Moon Day break on Wednesday, after all... I'll have time to deconstruct it and write a proper post!)

Super short post today, and I'll leave you with a Sanskrit homework update. I've been chugging along nicely as a B+ or A- student (this is totally my own made-up grade. Lakshmish would be flabbergasted at my arrogance. HAHA!)

Last week's homework on putting together words and double consonants checked out OK.

BUT... today, things are heating up quite a bit and he's giving us much trickier words to figure out, along with giving us some irregular consonant combinations to practice. This is the state of my Sanskrit from practicing in today's class. I had to go back a number of times before I finally got them all right. I felt like kicking something (or someone) in frustration.

I was as frustrated by Sanskrit today as I've been with my backbends. For the life of me, I can't seem to stand up from the 3rd backbend from the floor anymore. After backbends and moving onto dropbacks, I'm able to dropback and stand up again (only coz I warm up the spine a bit more with half-hangbacks before dropbacks)... So... I CAN DO IT! I CAN stand up from a backbend, why can't I just do it with a backbend FROM THE FLOOR?! This was the first thing I learned to do before I could even dropback and now I have no idea how to do it anymore. URGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (Y'know what this means right... I can't get Pasasana if I can't stand up from a backbend from the floor. I know I'm not supposed to be thinking this, but... I can't help it).

My housemate got Pasasana today. I have pose-envy. Bad Lady!



  1. Beautiful homework. You can kick me next time, no prob.

  2. Sanskrit looks seriously difficult!

  3. Owl: OK, don't blame me for the bruise(s) you might get!

    Yyogini: It's not when you have a cheatsheet in front of you. And when you start to get stuff wrong even with a cheatsheet in front of you, that's when things start to go downhill...


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