Thursday, January 6, 2011


I hate that word CHILLAXING. But I continue to use it coz it makes me laugh at its ridiculousness.

I think I'm gonna kill myself on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I was just super exhausted by the end of my day yesterday, and my schedule looked like this:

5.30am: Wake Up
6.00am: Rickshaw pick up (it's only a 10min walk to the shala, but I'm chicken shit when it's dark out, especially walking alone as a single female. So I'll just pay the 20 Rupees, or €0.33 for the worry-free 2-minute morning rickshaw ride)
6.15am-ish (that's 6.30am-ish shala time): Start Practice
8.15am-ish (that's 8.00am-ish shala time): Have a coconut at Guru's (or two)
9.00am: Shower and do laundry
11.00am (shala time): Chanting class
12.00pm: Rest, Email, Skype, Tweet, Facebook
1.30pm: Lunch
3pm: Rest, Email, Skype, Tweet, Facebook
4.30pm (shala time): Sanskrit class
5.15pm (shala time): Bhagavad Gita + Hatha Yoga Pradipika class
6.30pm: Rest, Email, Skype, Tweet, Facebook, Blog
10pm: Sleep (I should really be sleeping earlier...)

Hence, I will have ZERO interest in socialising on these days, I'm sure.

Now that today is completely free after practice, I'm looking forward to having a nap, then going through some of my Sanskrit notes. Yes, I am going to be the geeky student who will be practicing my Sanskrit writing. (Did I mention a couple months ago that I started some beginners' Dutch classes in Amsterdam too? Now I'm aiming for beginners' Sanskrit here. By the end of this life, I'm gonna become a master linguist of beginner's level languages.) (No, not a cunning one. BAHAHAHA!)

I had zero interest in socialising again today, but then (OvO) tweeted and asked if I had met my daily coconut quota yet. COCONUT WITH OWL?!? HELL YEAH!!! (I forgot to mention, we were sat right next to each other during Sanskrit class yesterday). :) ...So that will be my one and only mission later today. :)

SUPER HUNGRY post-practice today, so I got a Paper Masala Dosai. Don't mess with this big boy. The masala in it refers to a scoop of potato masala they put right in the middle. Authana's masala is THE BOMB. That's my requisite "black coffee, no sugar" with breakfast. The waiter looked at me like I was hardcore mad with my coffee order. "Black Coffee means NO MILK?! ...And NO SUGAR?!?? Sugar on the side, no? ...NO?!?"



  1. Oh my God that dosa!!! looks SOOO good!!! by the way, I also deeply dislike the derranged attack on the English language that is "Chilaxing"...

    So, are you taking these classes (Pradipika, chanting) at the shala with Lakshimi? or are you going somewhere else?

  2. Yes, at the shala with Lakshmi. It's mostly just chanting out the verses in Sanskrit, getting used to the sound of the language. Nothing deeper or more philosophical than that. :)

  3. OKAY, now you're doing Travel & Leisure, National Geographic, AND Gourmet magazine lay outs!! This is so fun, please keep it coming..

  4. That dosa looks so yummy! Wish I was in India right now ...

    btw - you can get that same style ofSouth Indian food in London in the same street as AYL - Diwani's!!

  5. yummy!!! I love the big dosa tacos. heh.

    Chillax!! It's so cheesy, I agree, totally worth using for the laugh.

    Take some pics of your Sanskrit writing, okay?

  6. Yes, great that we ended up side by side in class.

    I am glad you have now distinguished me from my evil twin!

  7. Cool, I like those chanting classes, with no philo, just the sounds...


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