Friday, January 28, 2011

More Orphanage Pix, Laundry in Action, Sanskrit vs Kannada Fonts

More awesome pictures of Wednesday's Dental Day at the orphanage, photos courtesy of my friend Roberto. :)

I love how at the end of every session, we all sit in a circle and sing the chant, umm... I think it's part of the Shanti mantra, taken from the Upanishads. The kids all know this by heart, and I love how whenever I walk past schools, I can hear them start a class by singing this. It seems everyone here knows this chant from memory!

Asato Ma Sat Gamaya | Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya | Mrityor Ma Amritam Gamaya
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Today, I went into town to the Rashinkar tailor AGAIN. Umm... I'm getting a bit fed up of this process. It seems like if you've got an existing piece of clothing, they can make a copy of it really well. HOWEVER... if you're making something from scratch, or even using a piece for reference and deviating from the design just a little bit, that's where problems start to happen. OK, so it's cheap and good to make clothes here, BUT... Just be prepared that it'll take you a few trips to finally get it to a place you want it. Or maybe you might just get fed up and accept the item as it is (and never wear it again!)

On our way back to town, I decided to video the outdoor laundromat. I posted photos of it in my first week here, but it's really quite a sight to see it happening in action as you're driving past! It's like the Valley of Laundry. Here goes:

And finally, the last of my Sanskrit Level 1 homework from last week. I got 7 out of 10 correct only. BOOOO!

I came across this menu in a restaurant, and really liked this Kannada font. See how it's totally different from Sanskrit? ...Oh, and I'm being a total juvenile here but it gives me a giggle coz the way they've written this script makes it look like boobs and bums on the menu. HAHAHAHA!

OK, today's post is totally random and disjointed. But I'm only posting a smidgen of everything that's been going on here, so take this as my Masala Blog Post of today (Masala = a mix of different spices). :)



  1. Love love love the orphanage pics!!! Boobs and bums on the menu.. Skippetty you're hilarious!!

  2. I didn't notice the boobs and bums characteristic about Kannada until you highlighted it. Bad Lady!! ;)

  3. Is that a cow at 0:18 in the laundromat video? Love it!

  4. I so love the photo of you all laying around. So what else did you get made at the tailor besides the "ali baba" pants?

  5. Yyogini & Danielle: heh heh. Juvenile humour! Kannada script doesn't usually look like boobs & bums. I think whoever wrote this menu just has a special touch. ;p

    Frank: Um... No, that looks more like a goat! Over here there are goats, horses, chickens and cows roaming the place. (no, they're not stray animals, they're just free-range grazing animals)

    SF: OK, ready for this? Of the 2 pairs of Alibaba pants, 1 came out OK (a tad short, but OK, I can live with this). The other one had an elastic waistband that was waaaaaay too tight so I got them to loosen it. Even after measuring my hips, the readjusted waistband is still waaaaaay too tight (I mean, it's giving me a muffin top when I wear it on my hips!) But... I can't be arsed to go back and get them to loosen it even more. I might just do this with a tailor in Amsterdam (and pay more money).

    Then... I made a copy of Thai fishermen's pants I brought and specifically requested it 3 inches longer. It came out the same exact length, so it's being redone again. And I made another kurta set for a friend but because it's a gift, I'm just hoping it fits so by default, this was the only item without any "problem". (my housemate's trousers she made from scratch came out looking like "mum pants", nothing like what she ordered... So... it can be a bit trying on your patience!)

  6. Please take a photo of your MC Hammer pants!!

  7. Just for you Evelyn, I will. Except the only full-length mirror in this house is next to the TV and my housemate is currently watching TV, so I'll wait till she's out to do it or she'll REALLY think I'm a freak when I come out snapping pix of myself in the mirror!! LOL!


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