Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Rest Day

Saturday rest day. Ahhhhhh... So many plans! But I achieved not much. As it should be. (But dammit, I haven't done my Sanskrit homework yet and it's almost bedtime...)

Had a lovely breakfast with (0v0) or is that (OvO) (skinny eyes or fat eyes for the Owl?), LIAsh and Tova. Oops, no group shot. Give the new arrivals some time to settle in first before sticking a camera in their faces! ;p

Today's breakfast was the first non-Indian meal I've had since arriving. Banana & Cinnamon Vegan Pancakes and a fruit salad. I didn't think to take a picture. I seem to gravitate towards pancakes all the time. From rotis to dosas to actual pancakes.

3 hours after breakfast, I met another friend for lunch (I promise you I'm eating my way through Mysore and gonna be a lard-ass after this month). She's a good friend of Maney, my rickshaw driver, too and invited me over to her flat for a lunch home-cooked by Maney himself!! (all permissions granted to post these faces here!) :p

On my way to lunch, I hopped into a rickshaw that had 3 students in the back. The driver stopped and said "Where you going?", named a price and so away we went. What beautiful kids! (and they didn't ask me for my country coin either, which made me love them more!!)

One more food porn shot for today: Dinner was a Ragi Roti. Only coz Nalpak doesn't have Akki Rotis on Saturdays. This is pretty much the same thing as an Akki Roti, just with a black-coloured flour which looks more appetizing. :)

Funny shots from around Mysore today. I've been meaning to take photos of this coconut poster, and since this dude was shut this morning, I took my chance. I'm not sure I understand how you'll save the farmer?

It's really juvenile, but I get a giggle every time I walk past phone shops with "STD and Local Calls" emblazoned on them.

And finally, even if I had these problems, I'm not sure I'd wanna be caught dead entering or leaving this hospital! BAHAHAHAHA! "Prakash! Take me to the PILES & PROCTOLOGY HOSPITAL. PRONTO!! My Mula Bandha seems to have grown a life of its own!!" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Sorry, juvenile humour, see what I mean?)

My first week in Mysore is officially... OVER?!? Dammit, that sure passed quickly! I'm beginning to understand why people can stay here for 2 or 3 months at a time. I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms already and I'm not even halfway done. (!!!)



  1. Hahaha I love the juvenile humor. Tova will concur. I'd have to go because it seems my mula bandha has gone missing lol. thanks for posting such great posts!

  2. Hi Colleen! Just saying it out loud is cracking me up again. Alliteration rocks! PILES AND PROCTOLOGY!!!

  3. LOL, I took a picture of the proctologists sign too, makes me giggle. And the STD signs make me laugh too.

    Good God, it's 4am, what am I doing up? Oh yeah.....

  4. Ok J, this is hilarious.

    About O/0, big eyes in the morning; drooping anytime after 9 pm.

  5. Dear Jaime
    It says somewhere, I think Lino's book, that Guruji said that one or two of the seated asanas are good for piles. I have no understanding of what piles are, but I actually believe I'm protected from them through asana practice. I used to get heat rashes between my legs. Asanas increase heat, right? So you would think it would make the matter worse, but noo, practice takes the rashes away. Maybe because it cools the system. Wouldn't want to visit the STD booth.

  6. The photo of the school children is adorable.

    My first reaction when looking at the photo of you was, "WOW!! She is GORGEOUS!" Looking good, my friend.

    I treat my own cases of the piles.

  7. Sonya - I hope you get over the jetlag soon! Have you tried melatonin? ...Was running on 2 hours sleep for Sunday's led class though, but was still OK. The good news is: we can actually nap in the day so it's not so bad! :)

    Owl - haha! I can't tell behind those glasses (and the big shiny white helmet!)

    Arturo - SERIOUSLY?! Piles are HEMORRHOIDS Oh dear, I'm gonna bust out into another laughing fit, I'm so juvenile! My friend in Singapore has to limit her ashtanga practice coz it makes her eczema problem even worse - the heat/ humidity/ sweat is a bad combo. So.. I guess sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't!

    Evelyn - awww! Thanks, you're too sweet! I was beginning to have body-image issues coz ALL my aunts and uncles in Singapore over Christmas ALL remarked "Wow! You've put on weight!!" (Thanks guys, but you can keep your opinions to yourselves, y'know.) Also - do you use PREPARATION H for your self-treatment of piles? It's a 2-in-1 treatment, y'know? You can use it for wrinkles too! BAHAHAHAHAHA!


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