Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trying To Get Into a Groove

Today's practice was pretty uneventful. I'll save the navel-gazing practice report for when there's *really* some kind of breakthrough. But I made it all the way through Full Primary again. Decided not to attempt standing up from the 3rd backbend and just concentrate on dropping back and standing up. I have a whole month here so I'm pacing myself. What's the hurry? :)

I just remember being pretty unfocused today, then thinking "Crap. I'm tired. And it's only Day 2 of practice. It's gonna be a loooooong month." I'm screwed! (Because of my crazy work schedule, I haven't had a regular practice for a few months now so I think my body's in shock at this prospect of almost-daily practice!)

After class, I found out there's chanting classes in the later part of the morning, as well as Sanskrit and Bhagavad Gita classes. Instead of writing down class times, I decided to do it the high-tech (aka LAZY) way and take a photo of the notice board for all the start and finishing times.

Either I take too many photos, or Sharath just has super eagle-eyes. The notice board is OUTSIDE the shala in the foyer area, and Sharath came out and scolded me "No photos in the shala!" I said "I'm taking note of class times!" To which he replied "You remember here" and pointed to his head. Pffffft!

This is the second time he's busted me taking photos. The first time was before the led Intermediate class during his Sydney workshop. See post here. Both times were really INNOCENT. I didn't know you couldn't take photos in Sydney, and this morning - I really didn't want to write all that info down when I could've just snapped a picture of the notice board! What can I say... it's probably BOTH that he's eagle-eyed and I also take too many photos. HAHAHA!

I'm trying to find my routine here. Y'know... what to do after the morning practice. So I've decided to go balls-to-the-wall with Chanting class in the late morning AND Sanskrit class AND followed by Bhagavad Gita classes in the afternoons on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I figure I can take my afternoon naps on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. HAHAHA!

First day of full-on classes and I'm T.I.R.E.D. Probably just taking it all in now too.

Here's a food shot for Danielle. South Indian Thali for lunch today from Green Leaf. SUPERB FOOD! This was like my only big meal of the day (breakfast was 2 coconuts, dinner was 1 coconut and some bananas. I'm going coconut-crazy!)

And here's a cow hanging out in the middle of the cross-roads.

And another cow behaving more like a goat. Was trying to get a shot of the stray dog sniffing through the garbage too, but even the dog deemed the garbage... well, Garbage, and trotted off. So I got the shot too late. It's still funny though, that the dog is walking off in the shot. Ha!


  1. u eat many coconuts, ur stomach ok? haha... food looks yummy!

  2. yup! tummy's a-ok! some people eat up to 6 a day! i'm more wary of the filthy knife he uses to chop the coconuts with though, then figured "eh, i've got my tetanus shot. it's all good". haha!

  3. Jaime, you need a spy cam!

    I'm cracking up that you've been busted because I probably would have been busted too. Now you're REALLY on his radar! Watch out!

  4. NOT FAIR!! I was busted for trying to be a good student! Taking notes of what times classes were! POOEY!! ;p

  5. Looks like I chose the right time to read this post (as I eat lunch). This chicken salad in front of me has nothing on your super-duper Thali plate!!

    I think you're right that your body's just adjusting back to consecutive days of happens to me too (and I only manage 5-day weeks at best), so I can only imagine how intimidating the next few weeks seem. I'm sure it'll get better next week and soon you'll be wanting to extend your stay :)

    PS: The word verif for this comment is 'Chill'. Geddittt?? Hahahaha

  6. Hey Danielle... all meals so far have been Indian. I considered going for a Western brekkie today but then thought... NAHHHHHHHH! Seems so out of context here. Let's see how long I'll last before I get sick of carbs and curry. Haha.

  7. Hi Jaime,

    Am loving reading your posts from Mysore, so much good information, I have notes of your blog on my iphone!

    Busted for being a good student, ha ha.


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