Thursday, January 13, 2011

Heart Mysore

Super tired due to hard-ass practice, lack of sleep, too much caffeine leading to inability to nap in the day, all talked-out from socializing. Only the first reason is a valid excuse for fatigue. Everything else I can do something about. I know, no need to tell me. Now I know why people come here for 2 - 3 months at a time. Just so they can take things down a notch and do things at a leisurely pace (my friend laughed at me for doing more in 1 moon day than she had done on her first trip to Mysore in total!)

But what to do... There's still places to go! People to see! Things to do! And I'm coming to the end of Week 2... ALREADY?!

No brain cells left to write, so just a picture update today of various randomness around Mysore.

The school bus... I mean, the school horse-cart.

More Sanskrit homework. We are learning to put the vowels and consonants together in actual words now. Don't ask me what it means, I have no idea (yet)! (I also have no idea if I've got this spelling correct. It's been handed in to be marked). :)

The gorgeous view from Owl's rooftop at sunset from a few days ago.

How the heck do people take 2 - 3 months off from work/ life to spend time here? I WANNA DO THAT TOO!!!! (Can you tell I'm already scheming my return to Mysore?)



  1. Loving these mysore post, the pictures and especially the homework.

  2. Thanks, Grimm! I think I need to slow down! So looking forward to the rest day tomorrow. :)

  3. Totally just checked my homework with your blog.

    Yes, did the homework this time. Class is starting to get good...

  4. HAHAHA! That's why I post the homework shots AFTER we're supposed to hand it in. To prevent cheats like you copying! (I am the annoying token Asian student in class, you see) How come you didn't hand it in last class?

  5. You might want to double check your homework :)

  6. Hey admin! (admin?! of what, Blogger?!) I got my homework back and it checked out OK except for the consonants with long U vowel symbols. I keep writing the curly squiggle for the long U vowel symbol totally backwards. Oh well, now I know!


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