Thursday, July 1, 2010

Checking In With Joyful Surrender

Guys, it's the frickin' 1st of July?!

Since the second half of 2010 has officially begun, it's kinda nice to take stock of the year so far and see what I've been up to.

Umm... Quite a bit, I suppose! ...I don't believe in new year resolutions, but it did seem fitting at the start of this year to at least set an intention for mine, given the big unknown that would turn out to be 2010.

My New Year intention was: Joyful Surrender.

It has seen me through leaving Sydney and my beautiful teacher, shuttling between Singapore and Cape Town, settling into life in Amsterdam, through hotels and corporate apartments and yet more corporate apartments (aka Beige Heaven)... then having to turn back to Singapore again for visa issues. Let's not even talk about work stress for the most intense shoot of my life (now going through 3 months of post-production)... and then of course, my relationship meltdown.

All that in SIX MONTHS?!?

Time and again, Joyful Surrender has turned out to be a good reminder and point of focus whenever things got out of whack. And boy... did they get out of whack!

As it turns out, this New Year intention has been very, very apt. It's helped me stay grounded and just surrender to what the Universe has brought my way. And JOYFULLY too. Giving up and releasing old energy makes room for new energy, and this intention of Joyful Surrender has constantly reminded me of this.

And funny how things turn out when you just let go and roll with the punches life brings your way.

My gig here in Amsterdam was originally meant to be a 6-month freelance stint. As it turns out, the company has offered me a full-time position coz things have been working out well. I am in love with this city. I am loving the work I'm doing (freaking hard work as it is). I am also loving the quality people I work with and the calibre of work produced here. So... FULL-TIME JOB HERE?!?


It was quiet on the blog the past couple weeks coz I was mulling over my options and living in my head a bit. I wasn't quite ready to write about it yet. Coz the catch with the job offer is: They need me to stay on from August after my freelance contract ends. This means: NO GOING TO MYSORE FOR TWO MONTHS THIS YEAR.


I was severely in a funk over this. But you know what? Joyful Surrender reminded me that well... Maybe now's not the right time to go to Mysore. Mysore will always be there. And at this point, I've got the chance of a lifetime at my dream job. I had to seriously practice non-attachment to my planned trip to India. (I'm now looking into Purple Valley retreats instead. HAHAHA!)

And things have just been falling into place since. I signed on for the job at the start of this week and started looking into apartments to move into after Beige Heaven's lease is up in August. (Sorry Beige Heaven, I can't live with you for more than 6 months!) I fell in love with the second apartment I saw this week, made an offer that was accepted and I've now got the rental contract in my hand. Wow. When things move easily, I'm convinced the Universe is telling me I'm on the right path.

The clincher was when I sneaked off at lunch break to get a much needed pedicure today, and the lovely Thai lady (whom I go to for both massages and pedicures, hehe) said to me "You are glowing today. Much happier than the last few times I've seen you." :) :) :)

I hadn't realized. Guess sometimes it takes someone else to bring about that awareness. And I'm ever so grateful for everything I've got in life.

So... At my half-year stock-take, I'm really looking forward to the new things coming my way. Letting go of stuff really just clears the pathway for new stuff. And I'm really excited to finally settle into a space that's "mine" (at least on a one-year lease!) ...Riding around town on my new bike, practising at the new shala from next week. What's next?

2010 has been most interesting so far. But wait, we're only halfway there?

Bring it on, Baby.


  1. Wonderful news about the job. Your doing an amazing job of practising joyful surrender. Oh and your bike is so cool! I was cycling round this morning singing Roxanne and this evening I had a new student called Roxanne, thought of you!

  2. That's such awesome news! Congrats on the job, the apartment and on everything falling into place like it was 'meant to be'. It's wonderful when the universe sends you a clear message! Mysore will always be there and when the time is right, you'll go.

    Great bike, btw!

  3. Wow, wow and wow! I wish I had known about your blog when you were living in Sydney!! You are one of my favourite bloggers ever now. I really appreciate your candid open posts, humour and the joy-filled way in which you write. You're an inspiration as well, blogging through all kinds of good and bad situations, showing that there's always sunshine on the other side of it all. Love your bike too :-)

  4. Jaime! You're such an inspiration. Great post- great perspective! Will you manage my life?

    I had a feeling Amsterdam would become your home. You sound at home! Congratulations on everything!

  5. Oooh well done!!! (although part of me was hoping you might move to London and join us there at AYL ;-)

  6. WOW!!! This is so fabulous Jaime, and I did wonder with the purchase of the bike if longer-term plans were afoot... and V don't worry, Amsterdam is closer, we can (hopefully) convince Jaime to come & visit again soon!
    Hmm Purple's about Petri's second workshop in February...
    that was meant to be a subliminal message ;)

  7. You are a lot braver and surrendered than me, this is amazing, loved reading it. I guess this year is very intense for many of us, I have began to wonder if life accelerates just because one is committed to the practice... and yes, let us embrace ourselves for the second half!

  8. Awwwww you guys! You're all gonna make me cry! I woke up in the middle of the night last night (yup, the insomniac bouts have struck again. Joyful Surrender doesn't always work. Ha)... And read some of these comments and I actually shed tears! You guys make me all warm & fuzzy.

    Helen: Roxanne so many times in 1 day! You don't hear that name often eh? It must be the perfect name for my bike. :)

    Kai: Thank you for your kind words. It's a lot harder to let go of the idea of going to Mysore this year than I thought. Hardest was writing to the shala to let them know my plans had changed. :(

    RandOm Bites: Awwwww...!! Your comment just about made me bust into tears in the middle of the night last night! In a good way. THANK YOU. While I was writing the post I had a fleeting thought of "Crap. This post is so boringly about ME ME ME." But I'm glad you're getting something out of it. It's not always as easy as I may make it out to be (Hello, insomniac nights?) but it all starts with the intention right? And I believe positive thoughts lead to positive actions and good things all around. Cheesy as hell as that sounds.

    Liz: I'm muddling through this one life enough as it is! It's not as organized as you think! ;p

    V: Well... My brother's living in London and so is one of my BFFs. My other BFF has just moved there as well TODAY in fact... So I'll definitely be in your hood more often - it's a skip across the pond! ...I reckon London's just too big and bustling a city for me. I heart provincial Amsterdam very much. ;)

    Mel: Are you gonna be at Petri's workshop? oooOOOoo... I'm looking it up on the PV site now. Heh.

    Claudia: Not so brave and surrendered. TRYING to be. You make a good point. I wonder if this is why I've "back-slid" in my practice the past couple of weeks. Maybe my body's like "SLOW DOWN!" I can't wait to read about your experience through Intermediate too. x

  9. Hi Jaime, I've never commented before but I've been checking in. I think I followed you here from Liz's, probably 4 or 5 months ago, now. You write such a great blog, it really pulled me in. I wanted to write and say that I agree, Amsterdam sounds like a good fit! Congratulations on your new job. And thanks for your sweet, funny blog, from a reader in France.


  10. Oh hon, now you are making me tear up as well LOL so we can all be cheesy and teary together. Totally with you on the positivity feeds/grows more positivity! - Rand(Om) Bites aka Mary :-) x

  11. Bonjour Joy! Merci beaucoup de votre er... comment. Haha. My french is very rusty. Penser en francais... Mon cerveux est mal. I don't even think that sentence makes sense so I'll just stop now. Thank you for your comment, it means a lot to me. :)

    Mary! Nice to know your name. Was just listening to the Scissor Sisters track of the same name this morning. It's one my favourite songs. x

  12. Hey. This is so awesome. Kino said to me about pain in the body, that it was throwing up as much as I could take. I kind of feel like it's like that with you regarding change in your life! (hope that makes sense). You've just gone with the flow of a bunch of staggering life changes, and I'm so glad things are working out. I think you're amazing! And yep, hope to see more of you in London, Rootmaster is still calling you, wonder if they do Sunday lunch?? xx

  13. Susan, now you're gonna make me cry all over again. I can't say THANK YOU enough to all you wonderful people in the cyber shala. It's really nice to feel supported through this. Kinda crazy considering I've never met most of you! ...and also glad now I've got the chance to be a part of the real-life UK cybershala yogis. You guys rock! Will be back late July/ early August. Will let you know. xxx


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