Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mad House

My work schedule is currently MENTAL. Handling 3 global projects and drowning. In Manchester for a shoot next week. In Portland, Oregon to hand over a project the following week. In London on post-production on another job the week after that.


Needless to say, my practice is non-existent right now.

The landlord's currently fixing up the balcony in front of my living room. This is the state it's in right now.

I have been doing 3 sun salutations in the morning, after my shower. But that's not really Ashtanga, is it? Today, I was butt-naked (post-shower), on my mat in downward dog in the living room, when I realized workmen were literally 1 foot away from me. Thank goodness the blinds were drawn but it was kinda WEIRD.

So I had to cut short my already "short practice". (Did I just tell you I was practising naked yoga?! I think I'm really losing my marbles. Firstly - for doing that coz it seemed the "most efficient" use of time. Secondly - for even telling you that in the first place!)

Hey, I'm trying. But it's a universal conspiracy!

Even this post has to be cut short. Outta here and back to work. See you when I next surface.


  1. dear Skippetty
    my teacher in SF used to say to practice at least some sun salutations if you have no time for anything else. and Guruji used to say that when traveling you could do the first five of standing and the last three of closing, something like that (I think that is what David William said.) NY is offered in many cities, so no problem there!

  2. LOL naked yoga. Reminds me of last year on the beach in Australia doing dropbacks to find I had been watched by a couple wearing nothing at all, I then found out I was on the local nudist beach.

  3. Mwahaha, it would have been pretty hilarious if the blinds were open...or maybe not. I realised I was walking around in my apartment last week with the blind open when the workmen across the road could see me!! Slighty embarrassed and never again.

  4. Naked yoga!! eek! I love that you told us...

    I also love Globie's story- so hilarious.

    I can't believe I don't have any humiliating naked stories to share, but I either really don't or I've blocked them out.

    Oh wait, it's not about me, but there was a woman who used to practice with us who would wear the tiniest sliver of a top. In upward facing dog, her nipples would pop out. It was alarming. Even more alarming when she started to stalk my boyfriend.

  5. Thanks Arturo - you inspired me to just bloody get on my mat! And even though I only got up to Janu A, I'm glad I did it. :)

    Kevin - it was done out of a sense of making the most efficient use of time. "I only have 10 minutes. Putting on yoga clothes cuts into that time!" ...funny story on the beach - they must've thought you were the one who looked odd with all those clothes on!

    Mary - Never say never. Nudists unite! HAHAHA! (I'm just joking. I'm not a nudist, really!)

    Liz - ?!?47*^$#&(@*&$@#& Was this the same lady in the flesh-coloured leotard? Or was it unitard? How WRONG could this nipple-lady get?! Crazy.

  6. oh yes- same lady. Flesh colored unitard, nothing underneath, profuse sweating making unitard transparent.


    What some people do for "love". HA HA HA!!!!

  7. That's not love. It's twisted-lust. Creepy!


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