Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And On the Second Day, She Had a Name...

I slept on it, stepped out the front door, looked at the bike this morning and thought: STILL TOO PINK.

On top of this, when I cycled to the Physio early this morning and dumped my stuff in the basket, I ended up with pink smears all over my favourite bag.


So I told my dude what happened and requested to please change the pink basket back to a regular black one. He was really sweet and apologetic about it and told me changing it to a black basket would be free of charge. That's what I call service! Seriously - if you're in the market for a bike in Amsterdam, check him out!

And I'm glad to report that having a black basket sure as hell tones down the Barbie-bike factor. Now... I can happily bedazzle the handlebars with rhinestones with no fear of being OTT. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Yes, I do realize the irony in my actions. I like to take the piss, even out of myself and the bike I ride... but within "reason". Heh.)

Here's what she looks like with a black basket. (Sorry, it's a bit of a crap picture coz I only remembered to snap the photo AFTER locking it. And it's a mission to unlock TWO locks. I have more stories on stuff I'm learning on bicycle-locks, but that's for another post).

So yesterday, EcoYogini suggested I give my bike a name to match her punk-rockness (EcoYogini's bike is named Veronica. Love it!)

I've been thinking about it, and I've decided to christen her Roxanne. HAHAHAHAHA! She's got a rocker-chick vibe... And after all, this bike is about 30 years old (does that make it vintage?), has probably gone through some hard knocks in life, and now that I've taken the bright pink basket off, she no longer has to "put on the red light". HAHA. That's a really bad joke. It's not even funny.

On top of that, Roxanne's a song by Sting... a fellow yogi. Right? ...See how all roads lead back to yoga? Eh? Eh? Eh? *On a bad joke roll*

Speaking of yoga... I've been a REALLY BAD YOGI - no real ashtanga practice in like... 2 weeks! Only did the 108 sun salutes last weekend. And er... I've been procrastinating and making excuses (and had legit excuses like Mother Nature's yoga-break aka ladies' hols)... So today since I have a bike already, I have no excuse that getting around town is a mission.

The new shala here is still in the intro phase with only evening classes (More excuses not to make class in time after work!)... But I decided to bring my gear to work so I could bike there right after. As it turns out, another one of my yoga-mad workmates invited me to a Vinyasa-Flow class he usually attends.

To be honest... the thought of jumping straight back into the Primary series after 2 weeks break was making me REALLY NERVOUS. Because... it's really obvious how much you've "back-slid" in your practice and I can't help feeling crap about myself because I can't help it, but yes, I compare what my practices feel like on a day-to-day basis. It's something I have to get over of course. But anyways... So when I had the chance to "jump ship" and attend a fun vinyasa class instead (and YAY! A yoga friend!), I went for it.

I'm glad I did. It's so superficial and not the point but seriously... I'm convinced the Ashtanga Primary series builds up so much strength and stamina. I promise you I would've been huffing and puffing through Primary today, but at a "Level 3" vinyasa-flow class, it was actually pretty manageable. And that made me feel good about myself. HAHAHA. Talk about SUPER EGO!

I'd forgotten how fun a vinyasa class is - all those mad twists and arm balances. This one started off with a headstand as the first asana. Like... HUH?!? It went backwards! We also had a flaming queen teacher who was barrels of laughs - I've never heard the F word so many times in a yoga class... Maybe from out of my mouth, yes - remember Laghuvajrasana? But not the F word from out of THE TEACHER'S MOUTH!! It was really fun and lighthearted though. Even through all his swearing, he was very enlightened. "Stop thinking about the pose! Stop thinking Ooh, I like this pose. Ooh, I hate this pose. Just shut the fuck up and DO IT!"

...I guess that's an extension of Guruji's "do your practice and all is coming." HAHAHAHAHA.

Another gem he had was "You think it hurts now? Wait till tomorrow... THAT's gonna fucking hurt!" I like a teacher who doesn't himself/ herself and the yoga too seriously. His bio page actually says he's writing a book titled "How yoga ruined my life?!" (HAHAHA. LOVE IT!)

So... I guess I'm easing back into some kind of practice. Hope it helps ease me back to Ashtanga! (The new shala's morning classes start next week). Whoop!


  1. Oh I like your bike MUCH better with the black basket! It was just a bit too over the top before (for me anyway!!)

    And yeah, I do a vinyasa class sometimes at the uni (where I work) and it's so light-on compared to an ashtanga class. Mind you, I do find it really unbalancing the way they often start on a different side (why does that feel weird to me?!!) and that flowing straight from warrior to UPK to Trikonasa - all on the same side ... weird weird weird!!

  2. You znged it up nicely! Remember, look right, look left, look right and go!

  3. yay easing back into Ashtanga :)

    And YAY black basket- you're right, MUCH less pink with a black basket- Roxanne looks FABULOUS. I still LOVE her. perhaps more so with the black basket.

    Also- fantastic name choice :)

  4. Thanks Susie! It was also too OTT even for me, the Queen of Kitsch. Heh. I love it now with the black basket.

    Vinyasa flow classes - I actually like those sequences where you "flow from one pose to the next". Some transitions are more awkward than others, but it's almost like doing a yoga-ballet. Which is what I like about vinyasa sequencing. :)

    Elena - Xie xie! They drive on the wrong side of the road here, like the Americans. So it's look left, then right then left again. Which is giving me a headache. I still can't make a right turn at a big intersection - coz you're all the way on the right side and you've gotta cross across 3 lanes and tram tracks. I end up stopping at the pedestrian crossing and wheeling my bike across! HAHAHA!

    Eco - Thanks for your suggestion of punk-rock name coz I wouldn't have thought of it otherwise. I heart her much more with the black basket now. :)

  5. Black basket: good.
    Very good. And I love Roxanne!

    "Bedazzle" is one of my favorite words.

    I died laughing reading about your teacher using the F-word! oh my god!!!! And so casually, too- "Wait till tomorrow.. that's going to fucking hurt!". ha ha ha ha!!!!!
    (word veri: oinger)

  6. Love that bike, very dutch!

    Going back to primary after a lay off isn't as hard as it seems. When I had the enforced 2 weeks off with my wrist before going to Thailand with Kino I was worried about starting off again. the stamina is still there, its just undoing the stiffness that took a couple of practices.

  7. Hey Liz! Bedazzled is also one of my fave words. It's got such a hillbilly ring to it. HAHAHA. That teacher's a hoot. He also said "Shit" so many times!

    Hey Kev! I will take your word for it. Still mustering up the courage. The more I procrastinate, the worse it'll get. But I'm still procrastinating. Waiting for the new shala's morning Mysore classes next week. I hope I don't make more excuses! :p


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