Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy Weekend But Squeezed in SOME Fun

Seems like last week was "ladies holiday overload" in the cyber shala. Don't worry ladies, I won't out you. Hehe.

This included me too. TMI!!!!!!

So guess what happened after that last post? ...Yup, I don't have to say it. I suppose the Ashtangi-cybershala-ladies' cycles are sync-ing, if that's even possible? I mean, I was about a week early!! ...The universe is conspiring to keep me away from my yoga mat. HAHAHA! (Hey, I've found yet another excuse!)

The past weekend was BORING. I was at work. On BOTH Saturday and Sunday. I've taken on another 2 more projects on top of the one I'm already working on, so feel like I'm juggling everything at my limit right now. (Er... I foresee more difficulty with getting on the mat? Or... would that be another excuse?)

BUT... before going into work on Saturday, I decided to check out Stumptown coffee. Y'know... the famous coffee roaster from the US? My sister and her husband are MAD ABOUT COFFEE. Like... gourmet-connoisseur-have-our-own-professional-expresso-machine-at-home type of MAD. And they went on a coffee blitz in Seattle - visiting all the famous roasters - and declared Stumptown THE BEST. Hands down.

So when I read about them opening up a pop-up shop in Amsterdam and only until the end of this month, I decided I had to go.

No coffee, no prana.

Krishnamacharya allegedly drank 5 cups of coffee a day (according to Mark Whitwell when I was on his workshop). So... if it's good enough for the Big K, it sure as hell is good enough for me!!

It's a got such a hipster vibe - tucked away behind the bustling street of the Albert Cuyp Market.

I had an Americano - and the dude literally dunked one shot of expresso into a hot cup of water. It was cool to watch! Erm... I love my coffee, but I ain't no connoisseur... so all I can say is: GOOD COFFEE! Nice and full... but sorry I can't break out the pretentious words like top notes contain ________ and blahblahblah.

I bought a bag for my french press at home. It's freaking expensive, so it better be worth it. ;p

After work on Saturday, I decided to go check out Casablanca - the film was playing on the big screen at the Film Museum. Can you believe I've never EVER watched it? EVER? ...I was also probably one of the youngest people in the tiny movie theatre. HAHAHA! (On another note, I was bummed to find out that I'd missed the Friday evening sunset outdoor screening of Buster Keaton - with LIVE piano accompaniment! Whaaaaat?! How cool is this place?!)

...So cool that it even had its own cat, chillaxing in the tub of Film Museum Tshirts. (Yes, I can't stand the word "chillaxing" but continue to use it.)

It was another one of those tiny, oldskool theatres, with pretty frescoes on the ceiling.

Check out all the white-haired people in the audience! HAHAHA!

Oh, and... I'm hooked now. Gotta rent me a whole bunch of Humphrey Bogart films now. "To Have and Have Not" with Lauren Bacall is next on my list. As my Twitter-pal Fran calls him: Ugly-Sexy. I concur.

I was at work early and left late again today. I think I'm entitled to some escapism for a bit, no?


  1. The Maltese Falcon. nuff said.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations!
    (Susan, I almost replied "Yes, that's a great idea!" coz it sure feels like I could do with a big sleep. HAHAHA!)

  3. dear Skippetty
    did you enjoy the Americano? for me it was a downer when i ordered one, not knowing what it was, and thought, "oh, watered down coffee, bummer". but then, i used to down sugared up Cuban expressos when i lived in miami. that was a daily jolt. these days i prefer lattes. the Cuban expressos probably may contribute to why Cubans are so loud and rowdy in Miami. haha.

  4. HAHA! I like your theory about the Cubans. Caffeine-buzzing Cubans! I like Americanos... er... that's why I order them? A single shot of expresso on its own is too much for me. Just feel like I'd keel over with a nosebleed immediately from how strong it tastes. Sometimes I get a soy flat-white (double-shot!) But these days I seem to be enjoying just the taste of straight-up coffee. :)

  5. What's wrong with 'chillaxing'??? ;) Can buy us a pack of ground Stumptown for our french press? Would like to try. When you come here we can go to Monmouth Coffee at Borough Market. Very yums (that's the extent of my finesse at describing coffee heh) too. And you'll never guess who Ash and I saw working the coffee machine behind the counter -- Steven Lim -- the actor. I didn't say hi but he looked very at home.

  6. Hey Sambo! Sure thing! Will be over in your neck of the woods w/c Aug 9th I reckon, so will get you a pack (wait. Am I allowed to bring beans in to the UK? Gotta check the EU travel restrictions first). Can't wait to check out the coffee place. We can coffee-bomb Steven then. ;p


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