Monday, July 5, 2010

Hank is FAMOUS!

I caught up with Kelly today (we were making a plan to ship the rest of my stuff over from Cape Town to Amsterdam). Don't worry guys, no drama this side. Heh.

But the more exciting news is: HANK IS FAMOUS IN SOUTH AFRICA!!!

Basically - a whacky, quirky budget airline in S.Africa got into trouble with F I F A for running ads with the headline "Unofficial National Carrier of the You-Know-What". Essentially, if you're not an offical WC sponsor, you can't say those 2 words or allude to it.

F I F A now wants to sue them, and they ran another ad apologizing and offering free flights for life to F I F A president, Sepp Blatter.

There was no response from them.

So... guess what? Hank "changed his name" to Sepp Blatter and claimed the free flights.


You can read the article here. And a blog post here.

A PR stunt, no less, but "Sepp the dog" is now allegedly more famous than the official WC mascot. The airline has been flying him all over S.Africa, snapping pix of him at all the various games and stadiums. He's like the travelling gnome in the movie, Amelie. HAHAHA!

Seriously, this little puppy has his own seat on all flights, a Facebook page, his own Twitter account... and check out these DARLING photos of him all over S.Africa!

You can check out more of his Facebook photos here.

It is TOO FUNNY! He is soooooooo gorgeous, it was bound to happen... (and especially when you know too many people in advertising. Ha.)

And now I can say: You saw him here first, before his pre-diva Lights! Camera! Action! days.


  1. It's made me laugh all day! What a brilliantly funny idea!

  2. I LOVE this!!! Completely amazing!!! Have just shared with colleagues & even they loved it even though THEY don't know Hank! (obviously I *do* know Hank personally - and y'know, before he was famous and all that) ;)
    This made my afternoon blog-break a super-smiley one, it might be one of my favourite posts yet...AWESOME!!

  3. haha, so from work I have just spent 20 min back-reading to figure out the story behind Hank...

    VERY cool!! lol. So unfortunately Kelly has to pay for his own flights but Hank gets a free ride??

    Hank is a beautiful dog- although I LOVED your puppy pictures best :)

  4. Hilarious!! wow. The photos are great- what a great story!

    Do you think you'll ever get a Hank of your own?

  5. Hey Mel! I'm still laughing looking at these pictures. Such good NONSENSE!! And yes, of course you knew Hank before he was rich (?) and famous. You've seen him grow up! ;p

    Hey Eco! (I feel like I should know your name by now, but I can't find it anywhere on your blog!) ...the last time I saw Hank was when he was about 3 months old. So it was quite a shock seeing him all grown up. My first thought: You've grown up to be such a PORKER! HAHAHA. Sorry, even doggies are subject to weight-judgment. Especially those in front of camera. HA.

    Liz - I'm actually still a crazy cat lady at heart, so if I ever got an animal companion, it would have to be a kitty first. But probably not for a while, not with all the travelling I'm doing here! Speaking of which, I think it's time for a Charlie/ Henry post from you! (Apart from LOLcats, I get my cat fix from you.) xxx

  6. oh that is TOO hilarious! After a tough morning of work, just what I needed to lighten things up around here. Add me to the list of "knew him whens". (Glad the call was drama-free.)

  7. hmmm... Charley and Henry tales... well...

    Charley ate a new brand of dog food and then puked in a class full of 18 students quietly practicing Mysore Sunday morning.

    Henry has not killed a single bird this year!

    I woke up the other morning, opened my eyes, and he was 3 inches away from my face, staring at me. Both our heads were sideways. It was nice waking up with a huge smile to start the day!

    I like that you're a cat lady. Me too. I love dogs, but cats just really make me happy.

  8. Ha ha ha, very funny, and cute

  9. dear Skippetty
    that is wonderful. he's enjoying his time in fame. haha.

  10. Such an awesome story! He looks absolutely dashing with the pilot's hat and his jersey ;)

  11. I can't even believe this, it's just too wacky!! SO COOL!! :-)

  12. Check it out! All of you are in his FAN CLUB!! Listen to you guys! Too funny. (Liz - Henry's TOO CUUUUUUTE! I think it's time for you to do a real post on your blog. With pictures please.) :)


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