Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blueberry Smurf Delight

By the time you read this, I'll be *HOPEFULLY* on a plane to Barcelona.

All trains were full, we couldn't get any tickets. The last flight out tonight was cancelled (no night flights in & out of the country coz of the ash situation). So I hope we make it there tomorrow.

Today feels like the longest day of my life, what with the travel situation adding more drama to an already tricky shoot. 15 - 30 minutes of yoga, pranayama or meditation is all I've got time for on weekdays. I need it.

BUT ANYWAYS... a while ago I mentioned the Beige Heaven versus Blueberry Smurf Delight neighbour's apartment. Since the hot water decided to blow early this week, I had to go back there again to shower the past couple of days. ANNOYING.

So I took my camera with me one day. Coz it's a funny apartment too. (Bear in mind this carpet is brand spanking new. It really reminds of the kind of carpet you have in an office. Not in a home!)

Er... I suppose this place makes me glad I got the Beige Heaven instead? (sinking floors, broken shower tiles and busted boiler motors and all...)

Ask me again when something else gets broken next week. Ah, the glamorous advertising life.


  1. hi Skippetty
    i prefer the blue palette. it's calming. the beige one is too bland.
    word verif "confer" (can you imagine that?)

  2. wow- Smurf delight for SURE!!!

    I like it, but really, for the long haul I might like Beige Heaven better.

    Love that they used some industrial carpet. ha ha!


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