Monday, January 28, 2008

Solo Raver on Clifton Beach

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After work today, we went down to Clifton Beach with a bunch of friends for a picnic and to watch the sunset. For a Singaporean used to HOT HOT HOT & HUMID sticky yuckiness at the East Coast Park, it was a pleasant surprise that even though it's in the middle of summer and the average temperature's like a regular day back home at around 30 degrees C, it's not hot and sticky at all.

And once the sun sets, the temperature drops down to about 18 or 20 degrees. So there we were wrapped in our blankets, eating chips and dip when suddenly this lone ranger, I mean, raver... sparks up his twirly torch things and starts prancing around, practicing his moves. It was the most random thing, but we were treated to an hour of flame throwing and twirling, which was kinda cool (can you imagine if this happened on East Coast Beach? the cops would be there in a jiffy)... music's banned on the beach coz of the residents nearby, but this guy was dancing to a random beat in his head. This place is fulla hippies!

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